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5 Seater Car Rental

5-seater car rental

When looking for a smaller, more economical ride, a 5-seat car rental from SIXT might be right for you. We offer a large variety of premium 5-seat vehicles including sedans, SUVs and vans. Whether you need to do some city driving or hit the highway, a 5-seat car rental from SIXT is a smart choice. 

Our popular 5-seater cars

Toyota Camry

or similar | FCAR


or similar | SFAR

BMW 5 series

or similar | XCAR

Good to know when renting a 5 seater with SIXT

What kind of 5-seat vehicles can I rent?

We offer an array of standard and premium sedans and SUVs with 5 seats that are perfect for a variety of uses. We offer an array of standard and premium sedans and SUVs with 5 seats that are perfect for a variety of uses. 

Who should rent a 5-seater?

A versatile 5-seat sedan or SUV is perfect for families, business purposes or trips with friends. 

How do I choose a 5-seat vehicle?

If you will be primarily driving in the city with just a couple of people, a 5-seat sedan is perfect, while those going on longer trips or needing more cargo room can choose a 5-seat SUV. 

Why rent a 5-seater car with SIXT?

Affordable prices

Our 5-seat vehicles offer premium features at prices you can afford. 

Spacious interiors

Passengers will have plenty of room, and our 5-seat vehicles also have ample cargo space. 

Fuel efficiency

Spend less time and money at the gas station when you choose an economical 5-seat vehicle.


A 5-seater is perfect for city driving and squeezing into small parking spaces, as well as for road trips and longer journeys. 

Rent a 5 seater in the US with SIXT

We offer many options for high-quality 5-seat vehicles that are good for a road trip or business trip. Choose from a compact sedan, or a premium sedan for more room. Or rent an SUV or premium SUV for more cargo space. SIXT also offers 5-seat crew cab pickup truck rentals for when you need to transport something large. You can find other options outside of the US at one of SIXT's many locations in Europe and beyond.