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SUV Rental in Switzerland

Rent an SUV in Switzerland with SIXT for an unforgettable road trip through medieval cities, breathtaking lakes, and alpine peaks. Renting an SUV in Switzerland puts you behind the wheel of a vehicle that can handle the rugged Swiss landscape and is the perfect stylish and sturdy companion for Switzerland’s sophisticated cities. Their spaciousness gives you and your guests plenty of legroom while also having a generous amount of space for luggage and equipment.

Rent an SUV in Switzerland and you will have elevated views for sightseeing in spectacular cities and landscapes. For cities, be sure to check out Zurich for its cutting-edge art and cool nightlife, Bern for its blend of medieval and contemporary architecture, and Zug for its fine dining, picturesque streets, and sophisticated café culture. Switzerland’s cities are often situated next to enormous lakes or nestled in stunning scenery with outdoor activities readily available for all abilities.


VW Tiguan

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Advantages of renting an SUV in Switzerland

  • With a full-size SUV, you can carry up to 7 passengers, opening up possibilities for group road trips and sharing travel costs like gas. 
  • Our brand-new SUV rentals in Switzerland have luxurious interiors and inbuilt infotainment, so you and your passengers travel in style and enjoy the ride.
  • At Sixt, we keep our SUVs excellently maintained with rigorous safety checks. Choose Sixt for a reliable vehicle that is equipped with the latest safety features.

Switzerland SUV Rental with Sixt

Renting an SUV in Switzerland with SIXT is a breeze with our speedy online booking service. When you make your reservation online, you can browse our extensive list of pick-up locations in the country, choose the ideal dates for your vacation with our flexible rental periods, and even customize your SUV rental deal with our optional add-ons. In Switzerland, we offer a wide array of extra protection options and practical mobility solutions, like GPS navigation systems and additional drivers. Our huge fleet of SUVs in Switzerland encompasses mid-size and full-size SUVs as well as some models with 4WD for extra power. All of our SUV rental deals in Switzerland come with unlimited mileage, so you can take a carefree long-distance road trip.

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