Additional Drivers
Bookable with your Sixt car rental
Additional Drivers

Rental Car Additional Driver Options

SIXT allows you to share the driving responsibilities with friends and family members in your top-quality rental car. One of the joys of renting a car is that it enables you to travel, explore and experience new locations. However, if that becomes tiring, with SIXT's Additional Driver add-on you can pass the joy of driving to one of your travel companions. Let SIXT satisfy your car rental needs with our great deals and excellent add-ons.

You can simply add-on additional drivers during the booking process after choosing your car category. Please note: If the additional drivers cannot be present when you pick up the vehicle, they can be registered with their driving license at any other SIXT branch.

Advantages of adding an Additional Driver

Opting for additional driver add-on will allow for more flexibility in your travel experience. Whether you are on a road trip or visiting family, with the option to have multiple drivers, your trip will be more enjoyable:

  • If you become ill or suffer an injury while traveling, with another driver on the rental contract, you will be able to pass over the responsibility of driving to your companion;
  • When driving over long distances, having a car rental with an additional driver makes it possible to share the burden, allowing for a safer and more enjoyable journey;

The additional driver fee is dependent on multiple factors, but in many instances it costs very little and is nothing compared to the amount of money and time that it could save you. With plenty of reasons to opt for our affordable and highly useful additional driver add-on, select the perfect vehicle for your needs from our extensive car rental categories.