Extras & Add-Ons For Your Car Rental

Sixt makes renting cars extremely convenient, allowing you to enhance your experience with some attractive add-ons and extras. Once you have selected your high quality Sixt rental car you can opt for additional extras and services to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

Upgrade your Rental Car with Sixt

We pride ourselves on having plenty of convenient worldwide rental locations, great deals, a large fleet, excellent customer service and attractive add-ons. No matter the driving circumstances, Sixt rent a car will have the perfect option for a safe and pleasant experience. Find out more about our beneficial and affordable upgrades below. **Subject to availability at participating locations.

Add an extra driver onto your Sixt rental agreement for a low price

Additional Driver

Adding an additional driver to your booking offers you the convenience of sharing the driving responsibilities during your trip. The Additional Drivers upgrade from Sixt is perfect for those looking to take turns during long road trips. Find out more here.

Rent a car with GPS from Sixt

GPS Navigation

When you are renting a car, you are often driving in a new and unfamiliar area. Choose a GPS Navigation system so that you don't get lost whilst exploring or navigating to and from business meetings and attractions. These amazing devices will direct drivers turn-by-turn to their destinations and will direct through quickest or scenic routes. Find out more here.

Car Rental with Wifi

Car rental with Wifi

With Sixt, you can book a car with wifi for the whole family. Sixt Connect allows up to 5 devices (cell phones, laptops, and more) to connect to the hotspot. Sixt Connect also comes with a language translator, maps, local guides and more. Learn more about how to book this service here.

Rent a car with a baby seat from Sixt

Baby Seats, Child Seats & Booster Seats

Sixt offers their renters to add booster, child and baby seats to their bookings. These seats will protect children while they are in the car and mean you don't have to carry yours from home. They are very well padded, providing both safety and comfort for little ones. Find out more here.

Diamond Lounge

Sixt offers membership to access our Diamond Lounge at select locations so you can benefit from personalized VIP assistance from on-site rental agents. You can enjoy premium amenities in an exclusive setting while you unwind before continuing your travels. Find out more here.

Pick up full and return low

What could be more convenient than a car rental without the need to refuel? Our pick up full and return low special allows you to pick up your rental car with a full tank and return it with a low tank level. Find out more here.

Winter Tires and Snow Chains

When traveling during snowy conditions, you can feel confident with the inclusion of winter tires and snow chains to your rental. Find out more about snow tires and snow chains. Additionally, if you're on a ski trip in Europe, you might also be interested in learning about our ski racks.

Rent a car that comes with a free Safety Vest

Safety Vest

According to the law in many European countries, drivers must have safety vests in their car. Sixt equips every rental car with a free safety vest. Drivers can put these fluorescent safety vests on if they ever need to get out of their cars on the side of the road. They are highly visible and reflective, allowing other drivers to spot you wearing them from a far distance. Find out more here.

Choose Sixt Car Categories For Your Perfect Drive

Don't feel the need to bring your baby's car seat on the airplane - allow Sixt to fit your top quality rental car with the right seat for your loved ones. Choose your rental car from the fantastic selection below and drive away in style and comfort on your next trip.