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Car rental with snow chains

Can I reserve a vehicle with snow chains?

A car rental with snow chains can give you even more confidence as you navigate winter roads. While snow chains aren't currently available in the US, all our vehicles come equipped with all-season tires, so that you feel safe driving in the winter. Renting a car with snow chains is especially good for driving through snow and ice as they provide increased traction. This can help eliminate wheel spin and enhance braking ability so that you are not only more confident, but safer as well. If you are traveling to Europe for a ski vacation, you might want to consider booking a car rental with snow chains as many countries require their use during certain months of the year.* With our useful winter car rental accessories, SIXT aims to facilitate safe driving through winter snow and ice.

 * Subject to availability. While snow chains are not available in the US, SIXT offers them in most European countries, like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Can I book snow chains in Europe?

If you’re traveling to Europe during the winter, it is worth considering whether you’ll need snow chains. At certain times of year, snow chains can be a requirement in some mountainous regions of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and even some parts of Italy and France. It is particularly important to check  local regulations when driving to a ski resort. Snow chains are an affordable extra to add to your SIXT booking. If you’re unsure at the time of your rental as to whether they will be needed, please consult our in-branch staff.

SIXT’s ski destinations in the US & Europe

In the US, ski racks can be booked at our Denver Airport and Aspen Airport branches in Colorado. In Europe, our winter equipment is available at all branches located in snowy regions-. This includes GermanySwitzerlandFranceAustriaItalyNorway and more. Simply enter your desired location in the booking engine or browse our most popular cities and stations to read more about the services and vehicles they offer.
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