Long-Term Car Rental in Switzerland

If you need a long-term car rental in Switzerland, turn to SIXT. Our fast and simple booking process has the added benefit of not requiring a credit check and you can get your car the next day. Don't waste time in a foreign country on a short-term lease that may require tons of paperwork when you can choose a hassle-free SIXT rental. Whether you need a 1-month rental, or an extended 6-month rental SIXT is ready to get you a great vehicle that meets your needs. 

Our Popular Long-Term Rental Vehicles


Guaranteed Model | XZAN

Jeep Grand Cherokee

VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe or similar | SFAR

Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XL or similar | GFAR

Mercedes G-Class

Guaranteed Model

Long-term rental FAQs

How long can you rent a car for?

With a SIXT long-term car rental in Switzerland, you can rent for up to 120 days. If you need something for longer, a SIXT+ car subscription is available. 

What payment methods are accepted for a long-term rental?

We accept any internationally recognized credit card for your long-term rental. Learn more about payment methods and deposits here.

What type of car category is good for a long-term rental?

Drivers should consider what they plan on using the car for. For example, a minivan is great for a long family vacation, but if you will be driving in the mountains or visiting in winter, choose an SUV. 

What are the Benefits of a long-term rental in Switzerland?

Flexible rental periods

Whether you need a 3-month rental or another type of monthly car rental in Switzerland, we can help. 

One-way rentals possible

Don't worry if you plan on returning your long-term rental at a station other than where you rented it. With SIXT that is no problem 

Change your vehicle at any time

If your needs change during the term of your long-term rental you can switch to a different vehicle. 

Great alternative to leasing

Why bother with all the paperwork and hassle that comes with leasing a car when you can get a long-term rental with SIXT? 

Explore Switzerland with Your Long-term Rental

Book a convertible as your monthly car rental in Switzerland and feel the wind in your hair as you tour this scenic country. If you have a group of colleagues with you, choose a passenger van with room for everyone and their luggage. Add a GPS system to your rental to make sure you're always heading in the right direction or add some child seats to make sure the kids are safe during your travels.