Safety Vest for your Sixt Car Rental

At Sixt rent a car, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. In keeping with our ethical and moral responsibilities, all Sixt car rentals include a high quality reflective safety vest to be used in the event of a crisis or emergency situation. A highly reflective emergency vest is an important part of your car safety kit and is used to ensure absolute visibility on the road. This is especially important at night, however the vest enhances general visibility in any light.

Laws Regarding Emergency Road Safety Kits and Equipment

In regions where you are required by law to be in possession of a car safety kit, which includes a reflective vest, you may be liable for spot-fines if you fail to wear one in an accident or emergency situation. Emergency traffic vests can and do save lives on the road every day. The safety vest rent a car guidelines stipulate that all rental cars be equipped with reflective gear which may be worn by the driver in an emergency situation. Safety vests are therefore provided by Sixt and do not cost you extra in keeping with our commitment to customer safety.