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TIER e-scooter FAQ

How does e-scooter sharing via the SIXT app work?

To use the TIER e-scooters, you need the latest version of the SIXT app. In the tab "SIXT share" you can see all available electric e-scooters in the business area. You can rent them via the app and start driving directly. You can end the rental within the business area.

What are the requirements to rent an e-scooter via the SIXT App?

  • A registration in the SIXT app is required.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • No driver's license is required.
  • Deposit of a valid credit card in the SIXT app.
  • For your own safety, we recommend that you always wear a helmet. Depending on the applicable road traffic law, wearing a helmet may be mandatory.
  • Only 1 person is allowed to drive per e-scooter.

Before you start your ride, please check:

Before every ride do a safety-check:

  1. Are the brakes working? Pump them to make sure.
  2. Are the tires undamaged? What about the overall scooter?
  3. Do the lights work?
  4. Does the e-scooter have enough battery? And does your phone have enough battery to finish your ride?

How can I start my ride?

  1. Find & select a TIER e-scooter near you, click "unlock", scan the QR-code, confirm the T&Cs, enter your pin and the e-scooter will unlock.
  2. Place one foot on the footboard, hands on the handlebar and push-off with your foot 3-4 times to get going.
  3. Place both feet on the footboard when you’re ready to accelerate.
  4. Press down on the right lever to gain speed. We advise you not to press all the way down your first time riding. Please be aware that the new TIER e-scooters do not allow backfoot braking. Do not exceed the speed limit of your city. Slow down when going downhill and never exceed 20km/h.

How and where can I park?

When you have reached your destination and want to park your e-scooter. Always doublecheck that:

  • You are inside the business zone. Our business area is marked by an orange border, outside the business area the map is blured out. You can ride freely in the rest of the business area. If you zoom out slightly on the map you can see this areas easier.
  • You cannot end a ride outside the business area. Also, you cannot start a ride or drive an e-scooter at the normal speed outside the business area.
  • You are not in a no-parking zone. Our no-parking area is marked as red on the map. You cannot end a ride in this area. If you find yourself on the border of the no-parking area, it is possible that the rental cannot be ended due to light GPS drifting. This can be easily solved when you ride a bit deeper into the business area.
  • Your parking does not block public pathways, public transportation stops, driveways or building entrances of any kind.
  • You do not park on private property or in backyards.
  • Always park your e-scooter upright.

How do I end my ride?

  1. Make sure you are inside the business area. It is not allowed to end your ride outside the business area or in no parking areas which are marked in red on the map.
  2. Please check that you are not blocking any public pathways and make sure there is room (min 2.5m).
  3. Push the kickstand down.
  4. When you get to your destination, press the "END RENTAL" button in the SIXT app and make sure the e-scooter locks: the front display, the front and the backlights switch off.

My e-scooter won’t start. What can I do?

You might be experiencing this issue for a number of reasons, make sure that you have followed the instructions how to start a ride carefully, if the scooter is still reluctant to do it your way, please take the liberty on trying again with the very next scooter closest to you.

What if I can’t end my ride?

First things first - always make sure to:

  • Circle around a bit in the area, just to give the GPS a chance to properly locate you
  • Restart the SIXT app and check if there are any new updates in your app store - If you still cannot end your ride please check that you are in an area where you can park.
  • Check that you indeed are inside of the business area. The outer limits of the business area are marked by an orange line on the map. Bear in mind that it is not possible to end your ride outside the business area. In case you leave an e-scooter outside of the business area, you will be charged additional costs.
  • Check that you are not in a no-parking zone. The no-parking zones are the red zones visible on the map.
  • Last but not least: does your city have mandatory parking zones? To comply with local laws, we have implemented designated parking zones, where riders must park and end their ride.

How do I brake?

When slowing down, please be aware of the e-scooter model you are riding. All older TIER e-scooters allow braking by using the left-hand brake and only older models allow back-foot braking.

On all new TIER e-scooters, you can brake by using either the left-hand or right-hand lever to slow down. Be aware that the left-hand brake is for the back wheel and the right for the front wheel. We recommend that you make use of the left-hand brake when it's slippery.

How long can I ride?

When riding our e-scooters the max rental duration time is 2 hours. After 120 minutes the ride will automatically end. Have in mind that the max rental duration time also includes the time you pause your ride. We've set a max ride duration time to make sure you aren't charged unnecessarily in case you forget to end your ride.

Which traffic rules should I follow?

Wear a helmet, be attentive and ride smart. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots, and be aware of your surroundings. And of course no driving when under the influence of substances! Whichever vehicle you prefer for your urban travel always remember to drive smart as the true trailblazer we know you are!

Security rules in France

According to the regulations of the city of Paris, it is prohibited to place objects of any kind on public spaces if they are likely to obstruct the public road or obstruct traffic. Users of electric scooters must comply with the requirements of the Code de la Route (Highway Code). It is important that each user inquires about the applicable regulations.