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TIER e-moped FAQ

How does renting an e-moped via the SIXT app work?

To rent the e-moped via the SIXT app, you need the latest version of the SIXT app. In the tab "SIXT share" you can see all available electric e-scooters in the business area. You can rent them directly via the app and start driving. You can end the rental again within the business area, and while you are driving you can leave the business area.

What are the requirements for using e-moped in the SIXT app? 

  • You are at least 18 years old and in possession of a driver's license.
  • Registration in the SIXT app as well as the one-time upload of your documents (driver's license, ID, selfie) required.
  • Deposit of a valid credit card in the SIXT app.
  • Helmet mandatory, this is located in the seat.
  • Maximum 2 people per e-moped, both must wear a helmet.
  • Parking / stopover possible outside the business area (at per minute rate) - Parking possible for up to 2 hours.
  • Return only possible in the business area.
  • Maximum rental time: 4 hours incl. parking - after that e-moped slows down. To continue, a new rental must be started.

How do I start an e-moped ride?

Please check the following steps to be ready for the roads:

  1. When finding an e-moped, be sure to be right next to it, check that it doesn't have any damages, click "UNLOCK", scan the QR code on the e-moped. Afterwards confirm the T&Cs & enter your pin.
  2. When you have started the rental in the app and when the display turns on, press the middle button under the handlebar to open the trunk where the helmet is. On the button there is a symbol of a trunk opening up. Take out the helmet and close the trunk. Some trunks are a little bit difficult to close; make sure to use some pressure in the back part to close it.
  3. When you have your helmet on, fitted and fastened it correctly, fold in the kickstand and take a seat on the e-moped. Before riding check that the mirrors are correctly adjusted, and you are ready to go!
  4. Squeeze one of the brakes and push the "GO" button on the display simultaneously to start the engine. This is only necessary when first starting the ride.
  5. Have fun!

How and where can I end my e-moped ride?

Stay inside the allowed business area Before ending your ride, please make sure that you are inside our business area. Rentals ended outside of the business area might be charged with an extra fee. The outside of the business area is marked in orange in your SIXT app.

Park the e-moped

You cannot end your ride in a "no parking" zone (marked red in the app). Please move your e-moped a little bit to get outside of the restricted zone where you can end your ride. You can either park in a regular parking spot or at the side of the side walk in case you can assure to not obstruct any pedestrians.

Put kickstand down

When you have found your parking spot, fold down the kickstand to park the e-moped safely.

Return helmet

Please put the helmet back under the seat and make sure that the trunk is closed.

Turn handlebar

Please turn the handlebar to the left to allow the steering lock to work.

End ride in app

When the e-moped is correctly parked, you can end your ride in the app by pressing "end rental". - Last check Before you leave, please check that the e-moped is turned off.

Can I pause my e-moped ride?

You are able to pause your rental during your ride by using the in-app park function, but please bear in mind that the max. rental duration time is 4 hours. During the park function, the e-moped will not be able to be moved, but you will still pay the normal minute price. You can pause your ride as many times as you'd like, but always have in mind that once the 4-hour ride limit has been reached, the ride is automatically ended.

How long can I ride an e-moped?

  • A moped ride has a maximum duration of 4 hours; you can pause multiple times. Ride duration time includes both the time you are pausing and riding the e-moped.
  • Once the 4 hour ride limit has been exceeded, the ride is automatically ended. Be aware of this limitation especially if you pause outside of our business area. A relocation fee will be charged to your account in the event that a moped ride is ended outside the business area.
  • Riding outside the business area is permitted, as long as the moped is returned and the ride is ended within the business area. The outside of our business area is marked by an orange border & blurred out map. Please always make sure that your e- moped and phone has enough battery to drive back in to the authorized areas and you can end your ride there.
  • Within our business area you can drive and park anywhere (except for “no parking zones” marked as red). The territory of all specific areas is marked on the map screen in the app.

What do I do if the trunk will not open?

Sometimes the trunks can be a bit stubborn - please try to press the go-button and the green smart button at the same time for about 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 times.  

What do I do if I see the orange warning sign on the dashboard?

Please attempt to re-start the moped, please note that you must not activate the throttle or reverse button when starting the moped, and please keep the stands retracted, seat closed firmly and the moped in complete standstill, or the moped will display a ⚠️ warning symbol and will not start.

Im having issues ending my ride with my e-moped

Always make sure to:

  • Check that you are indeed inside of the permitted zone (no red area, inside the orange marked area)
  • Circle around a bit in the area, just to give the GPS a chance to properly locate you
  • Restart the SIXT app and try again

I cannot start my ride with the e-moped

You might be experiencing this issue for a number of reasons, make sure that you have followed the instructions how to start a ride carefully, if the e-moped is still reluctant to do it your way, please take the liberty on trying again with the very next moped closest to you.

What about alcohol?

We have 0,00 % as our alcohol limit.

Is there an age limit?

The age-limit for using our vehicles is 18 years old - no kids! Also have in mind that you can only rent an e- moped if you have a drivers licence.

Which traffic rules should I follow?

Wear a helmet, be attentive and ride smart. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots, and be aware of your surroundings. And course no driving when under the influence of substances! Whichever vehicle you prefer for your urban travel always remember to drive smart as the true trailblazer we know you are!

Am I insured?

Yes, TIER vehicles are insured and have a third-party insurance with the largest German road insurance company HUK-Coburg. In the UK and other European countries Tier is insured through AXA.

What shall I do in case of an accident?

Safety first: In case of an accident, please contact the police and - if needed - call an ambulance (call 112 or 911). If you are injured, please immediately call your local emergency services. If any third parties are involved in an accident, contact your local police to report the case. When your personal safety have been taken care of, please contact us [email protected]