What Does a Car Rental Cost?

There are many factors that alter the final cost of a rental car - from the station where you pick up the vehicle and the length of the rental to the car category and extras that you book. In order to ensure price transparency, SIXT provides you with an overview of all costs that you may incur when booking a rental car. You can get started by booking a reservation online via our website. Here, we will go through the options step by step.


Choice of Pick up Station

When you decide what station you want to pick up your vehicle at, you influence the total price of your rental. For example, if you choose an airport station or train station, the so-called location surcharge will apply to you.

Choice of return station

In most cases, this station will probably match the pick up station. This is not the case if you opt for a one-way rental. Then there is also often an additional one-way fee, the amount of which depends on the distance between the stations, as the vehicle usually needs to be transported back to the pick up station.

One-way rentals within FloridaCalifornia and Nevada locations are free of charge on selected routes. Please check our terms and conditions as restrictions do apply to this offer.

Length of the rental

Before booking a car with us, you probably would like to know the car rental cost per week or per month. In general, the duration of the rental influences the composition of the rate, and thus, the cost of the total rental. Weekly and weekend rentals are generally cheaper than daily rentals.


  • Daily rate (1-4 days)
  • Weekly rate (5-27 days)
  • Weekend rate (Friday 12 pm until Monday 9 am)
  • Long weekend rate (Thursday 12 pm until Tuesday 9 am, maximum of 4 days)
  • Long-term rental (28 days or longer)

Choice of vehicle

SIXT prices for rentals may vary depending on the vehicle model, vehicle demand at the time of pick up, and whether you pay in full before or at the end of the rental. 


In principle, the rental prices vary according to vehicle size. The higher the quality and luxury of a vehicle and the more features it has, the higher the rental price. Our fleet of rental cars has something for every budget, and you can find an overview of our vehicle models here


If demand is high and only a few vehicles are still available, the rental price for the respective vehicle category increases. It is therefore worth reserving your vehicle well in advance. 

Protection options and extras

After you have selected a vehicle category, you can now choose from a range of protection options and extras. These additional services provide security for different claims and allow you to have a carefree and relaxed car rental.



Means of payment and age


After you enter your personal data, you will be asked for your payment method. No matter what payment method you choose, there are no extra charges. However, keep in mind that there are restrictions on a car rental made without a credit card.


If you pay in advance, you benefit from lower rental prices. Remember, however, that unlike regular reservations, you cannot cancel prepaid reservations for free.


A young driver fee is charged for drivers under 25 years of age. The amount of the fee depends on the vehicle category you have booked.

Pickup at the station

If you pick up your rental car at one of our numerous Sixt stations, you have the option of booking additional protection packages and options. Please note, however, that after the rental agreement has been signed, no changes (especially the booking of protection options) can be made.

deposit is also due upon pickup of your rental vehicle. However, this deposit amount will be refunded after 3-5 days when the vehicle is returned without any damage.

During the rental

During your rental you only need to pay for the cost of the fuel that you consume while driving your rental car.

After the rental


Your rental car will always be given to you with a full tank of fuel. Please remember to return the vehicle to the station with a full tank to avoid a refueling fee. This is also referred to as the "full - full" tank procedure. You can avoid this hassle by prepaying the fuel.


If you have driven more miles than were included in your rental agreement, the overage will be charged at the Sixt mile price when you return the vehicle.


If you have been speeding or parked incorrectly, you are liable for all costs and fees incurred in connection with traffic and administrative offenses. Sixt also charges a lump-sum fee in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.


If damage has occurred to the vehicle during your rental, you are liable as the renter, unless you are covered by our protection packages. It is best to always rent your vehicle with comprehensive protection without a deductible, so that you avoid high costs in the event that something goes wrong.