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Convertible Rental Honolulu

Rent a convertible in Honolulu to explore the Hawaiian island’s largest city in a premium, stylish vehicle. Cruise to Honolulu’s luxury resorts with the top down, visit remote beaches, park with ease and get a 360-degree view of the stunning scenery. With its incredible sunsets and starry skies, a convertible is a great way to capture the island’s beautiful panoramas. Fun, sporty and responsive, a convertible is ideal on an island geared towards the great outdoors. You will also find many stunning natural sights within easy reach of Honolulu itself.  

BMW 2 Series

or similar | PTAR

BMW 4 Series

or similar | LTAR

BMW 8 Series

or similar | XTAM

Get a Cheap Convertible Rental with Sixt Honolulu

  • Lightweight and easy to drive, convertibles are both practical and stylish making them a great choice for glamorous Oahu.  
  • Available from Honolulu airport, Our vehicles are on average just 3 months old, packing in all the latest in inbuilt infotainment and driver assistance technology.  
  • With excellent features such as rollover bars, parking assistance systems and extra airbags, our premium convertibles offer you an unparalleled level of safety and security.   

Honolulu Convertible Rental with SIXT

Make your reservation online with SIXT and enjoy a stress-free booking process. When you book online you can compare convertible rental deals easily, browse our locations and even customize your vehicle with a wide array of optional extras. In Honolulu, we offer extra coverage options for even more security as well as practical add-ons such as GPS, additional drivers, SIXT Connect Wi-Fi and child seats. We offer our convertible rental deals in daily, weekly, one-way and long-term packages for every kind of vacation, whether you are on a short-term business trip or extended romantic vacation. Our fleet is made up of top car brands from premium manufacturers, bringing you world-class convertibles at very competitive rates.  

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