Long-Term Car Rental in San Francisco

Enjoy an extended stay in San Francisco with a long-term car rental from SIXT. With unlimited mileage, you'll be able to tour San Francisco and visit Napa, Sonoma and other parts of Northern California. Book a SIXT long-term car rental in San Francisco and you can change cars at any time. Drive an economy car to the office then switch to a fun SUV for a long weekend trip. Whether you're in the Bay Area for a long vacation and want a 1-month rental or are in the city working on a business project and could benefit from a 3-month rental or a 6-month rental, SIXT has you covered. 

Our Popular Long-Term Rental Vehicles


Guaranteed Model | XZAN

Jeep Grand Cherokee

VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe or similar | SFAR

Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XL or similar | GFAR

Mercedes G-Class

Guaranteed Model

Long-term car rental FAQs

What's a good car category for a long-term rental?

You can rent a standard car such as a sedan, or a model that suits you best. A minivan is also a good option for families. 

What payment methods are accepted for a long-term rental?

You'll need a credit card to book your long-term car rental in San Francisco. Learn more about payment methods and deposits here.

Who is a long-term rental suitable for?

Book your monthly car rental in San Francisco while you’re waiting on your car to be repaired. You will have no problem getting to work or going on a trip. 

What are the Benefits of a long-term rental in San Francisco?

Easy booking

Book your short-term lease with SIXT online. The process is hassle-free and you won't have to complete a lot of paperwork or endure a credit check.   

Flexible rental periods

Rent a car from SIXT for up to 120 days. If you need a vehicle for longer, you can switch to our SIXT+ car subscription plan. 

Choose your car in advance

You can select from a variety of vehicles including economy, luxury and SUV models. Choose from our available fleet in the SIXT app 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

One-way rentals

Book a monthly car rental in San Francisco for a few months then use it to drive to Los Angeles. With a one-way rental, you can select another SIXT station for your vehicle return. 

Explore San Francisco with Your Long-term Rental

Rent a convertible to drive along the Pacific Coast. If you're touring wine country with friends, you can add them to your rental so that they can help with driving. Don't forget to add GPS to your car rental. It will help you to navigate the California highways and avoid traffic jams. Other add-ons are available like child car seats and satellite radio to stay entertained on long trips.