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Tesla Model Y

TESLA Model Y car rental

The Tesla Model Y is an upgrade from the Tesla Model 3 and comes with new features to satisfy a driver's needs. One of the Model Y's most noticeable new features is the unique optional third row of seats. Additionally, it has a good driving range in comparison to rival electric car brands. Book a Tesla Model Y car rental with SIXT and enjoy a smooth drive on your next trip. 

Experience the Tesla Model Y

  • Long driving range: The Tesla Model Y has a performance trim with a maximum range of 303 miles, suitable for long-distance journeys. The performance trim noticeably improves the acceleration of the Model Y thanks to its dedicated track mode. 
  • Interior design: One of its most appealing features is the cabin design. It has a minimalist, cutting-edge layout that positions controls on a large, centralized touchscreen. The cabin also has well-designed seats that deliver comfort on long-distance drives. 
  • Strong battery life: The Tesla Model Y car rental has also upgraded to a structural battery pack filled with 4680-series cells, which enable drivers to cover a 279-mile range. 

Highest safety standard

The Tesla Model Y is not only known for its electric all-wheel drive, but above all for its outstanding safety. The vehicle's low center of gravity ensures stable roadholding and minimizes the risk of a rollover if you have an accident. The Model Y has gotten top marks for safety from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The vehicle has useful safety features like a lane departure warning system, speed control and an automatic emergency braking system, which provides additional protection in an emergency. 

Remarkable storage space

The Model Y's trunk has room for up to four large suitcases. There is also additional storage space under the rear seat, which is perfect for smaller items such as backpacks. In addition to the main trunk, there is also storage space inside the vehicle. The Model Y's rear seat folds down, making it possible to transport longer items like skis or snowboards. There are also compartments and cupholders in the front of the vehicle that can be used to store cell phones or drink bottles. Even though it is a compact SUV, the storage space is generous compared to other vehicles in its class. This makes the Model Y a good choice for anyone who needs a lot of space for luggage and other items for longer trips or family outings. 

Frontansicht der Tesla Model Y Performance Motorhaube in der Farbe Solid Black
Innenansicht eines Tesla Model Y in der eine Person ein Smartphone mit der Tesla App in der Hand hat

Your Tesla Model Y rental with SIXT

Save time and money by browsing SIXT’s online app and booking a Tesla model Y car hire. SIXT provides drivers with a broad fleet that includes premium SUVs for long-distance vacations to luxurious sedans suitable for business trips. You can also personalize your Tesla model Y car rental using add-ons like GPS and child seats. SIXT has friendly branch staff, and 24/7 customer support, ready to help you book the Tesla model of your dreams.