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in Seattle

SUV Rental in Seattle

SIXT has a diverse range of premium models for you to choose from for your SUV rental in Seattle. Our fleet is filled with reliable vehicles of different sizes, including 7-seaters, crossovers, and sport SUVs. We offer SUVs from the biggest manufacturers in the world, including Jeep and Mercedes-Benz. When you rent an SUV with SIXT, you’ll be behind the wheel of a car that’s perfect for driving your family throughout Seattle or exploring the nearby mountains. 

Our Popular SUV Classes


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Good to know when renting an SUV in Seattle

How old do I need to be to rent an SUV in Seattle?

Our standard SUVs are available to renters 21 and older. Specialty and luxury models can be rented from the age of 25. 

Can I take my SUV off-road?

You cannot take your SIXT SUV off-road. Doing so will violate the Terms and Conditions of your rental. 

Do SUVs come with 4WD?

Not all the SUVs in our fleet have 4WD. If you need a vehicle with this feature, you can add it to your booking. 

What are the Benefits of Renting an SUV in Seattle?

Room for everything

When you book an SUV rental in Seattle with SIXT, you’re sure to be given a vehicle that has enough room for all your passengers and any extra cargo, like suitcases.  

High-end features

The models in our fleet are outfitted with modern features, including heated steering, heated seats, and touchscreen entertainment systems.  

Useful add-ons

If the car you select doesn’t have features like all-wheel drive, you can always add them as extras. 


A diverse fleet

We have all kinds of cars for you to choose from, including full-size models, sport SUVs, and luxury vehicles.  


Explore Seattle with your SUV rental

Seattle and the surrounding area are a great place to spend some quality time outdoors, whether you’re hiking, fishing, kayaking, or going on a bike ride. An SUV rental will provide you with enough room to comfortably store all your equipment, and it will help you to safely navigate throughout the nearby mountains. Make sure to add a GPS navigation system to your rental so you don’t get lost in more remote parts of the region.