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Since 1948, renowned car manufacturer Porsche has been engineering luxury cars that push the boundaries of power and performance. The first Porsche to roll off the production line was the 356, which remains one of the industry's most iconic designs to this day. 'The Porsche Principle' is not just a company slogan, it is a tried and tested design and engineering process that creates some of the world's most stunning luxury cars. While technology has moved on since those halcyon days of the 1940s, its philosophy remains just as important to the brand now as it did back then. Power, performance, handling and aesthetic charm are the characteristics that define this famous brand and you can experience them for yourself with a Porsche car rental from Sixt.

A motoring icon with a global reputation

Porsche models are some of the most recognizable luxury cars on the road today. Despite their current fame, the Porsche brand has quite humble beginnings. The Porsche story started in 1948 when Ferry Porsche tried to look for his ideal car: a lightweight, sporty road vehicle that used fuel efficiently. When he couldn't find the car of his dreams, he designed and made one to his own specifications. Within a decade, Porsche had become one of the most respected luxury car brands in the world. Their sports cars are renowned for their combination of innovation, design and performance. Experience decades of German engineering for yourself with Porsche rent a car from Sixt.

Our Porsche fleet

Porsche Cayenne S
SUV performance at its best
  • 440 hp
  • 0 - 100 km/h in 5.2 s


Porsche Panamera
  • 330 hp
  • 0 - 100 km/h in 5.7 s