SIXT's private car service in Nuremberg

With its 500.000 inhabitants, Nuremberg can sometimes trap drivers in traffic jams. Consequently it is often more comfortable to use SIXT ride private car service to be chauffeured through the traffic of the Nuremberg Plärrer intersection. Just lay back in the backseat of a limousine with luxury features from premium brands such as Mercedes or Audi, and enjoy the beauty of Nuremberg for a sightseeing tour. We offer more comfortable vehicles than regular taxis, but we are also able to keep prices down at the taxi level.

Use SIXT for your business trips

Business meetings are stressful. So you will appreciate if you have the opportunity to make the trip, at least, completely stress-free. If you need a transfer from Nuremberg airport, our chauffeur can wait for you directly at the terminal, take your luggage to the private car and drive you directly to your meeting. Of course, our drivers are trained and they know when to be discreet. But you can always ask them for a piece of advice to know where to go during your trip in Nuremberg, because they know the area very well. For companies that are looking for long term partnership with a Private car service company, we offer attracting corporate rates. The VAT rate of 19% and a very precise and detailed invoicing are also important assets in favor of a cooperation with SIXT ride. On demand, we can for instance send you a detailed bill with trips split between employees or departments.

Fixed price guarantee in Nuremberg

Of course, we cannot do much against traffic jams, even if our drivers will try to bypass them. But if there is a traffic jam, we think that at least you should not be worried about the price. From the beginning, we show you the price of the trip. This is the case for all our trips, so not only private car service but also for exhibition transfer for instance.

SIXT services in Nuremberg