Transfer and shuttles to and from your event

The SIXT Limousine Service provides perfectly tailored transport solutions for your event. Our service is ideal for organisers and attendees of both large public events, as well as private events, such as weddings or company events. SIXT limousines are available worldwide with the highest quality and safety standards. SIXT Limousine Service will support you with the planning and execution of the transport for your event – be it transfers and shuttles to and from your event, trade fair, or the airport. A team of experienced event managers, coordinators, and dispatchers are on hand to help with the smooth running of your event from start to finish. You will also have a personal contact partner, who is always available to provide support.

Air shows & trade fairs

The most comfortable way to get to your exhibition

Attendees, exhibitors, media representatives, and staff can all enjoy a quick and convenient ride to trade fairs, air shows, and sporting events with our shuttle service. The SIXT Limousine Service has many years of experience and the necessary expertise to ensure that our shuttles and transfers to the world’s largest events always run smoothly.

Company events

Shuttle service, event logistics, airport and hotel transfers, and company outings

When you are organising your next company event SIXT can plan and carry out your transport needs. No matter the size or type of event you are planning, you will receive contact logistical help. On top of this SIXT can also provides hosts, dispatchers, and branding if required.

Private events

Experience the finer moments with the SIXT Limousine Service

Weddings should be one of the happiest days of your life – be sure not to forget about the limousine to get you there. While there are hundreds of different things to worry about, the car and chauffeur doesn’t have to be one of them. SIXT’s fleet of limousines has a variety of sports cars and other luxury cars which can make your day even more memorable. No matter what the event, you can ensure all of your guests enjoy a chauffeur-driven car service to and from the venue.

Red carpet

Automotive marketing and trips to the red carpet

Our chauffeurs will get your film crew to the red carpet for your film premiere and drive your stars to and from their hotel. Whether you are marketing your newest product or need rides to your film premiere, you need more than just a driver. Our chauffeurs will be your first brand ambassador as they arrive right at the red carpet. You can really benefit from our years of experience as a reliable partner.


Your capable partner for car promotions, street marketing, and test drives

SIXT can make cars of your brand of choice available for events and car promotions. Our Limousine Service has many years of experience and have suitable promotors on hand for your specific needs. If needed, our team are also happy to help you in choosing a location and securing the necessary permits. The SIXT Limousine Service can travel with you from city to city and help to support all of your marketing activities.

Sporting events

Transfers and shuttles to the world’s biggest sporting events

With many years of experience as an exclusive transport service, the SIXT Limousine Service has the necessary expertise and professional team of chauffeurs to ensure seamless transfers for even the most traditional sporting events. SIXT can also provide the transport for your very own “sporting event”. If you are planning a group biking or walking tour and need a comfortable transfer to or from your chosen location, transport can be provided for a large number of people with room for bicycles and any other equipment.

Film & TV

Car service for your next shoot or filming

Every year the SIXT Limousine Service provides transport for both film and TV sets as well as commercial photo shoots. Our team can provide logistical support in bringing actors from their hotel to the set or to run any other errands. SIXT will be there right from the start helping with location scouting, right through to the final scene. Our minibuses are also often used as production vehicles.


Flexible service for the entire tour

Tour managers constantly face an uphill challenge. Our team will work closely with tour managers and agencies, providing the essential flexibility and reliability needed for getting to gigs and press events. Individual support for bands is also possible for a longer period.

More than just a chauffeur service

Take advantage of our extensive experience and make the most of our complementary services, such as valet parking and branding.

Branding & sponsoring

Car branding for targeted marketing campaigns

Present yourself in the right way with a branded car to increase your brand image and recognition. Display your company logo and slogan on any number of cars. The SIXT Limousine Service operates independently from manufacturers, so are happy to consider your request for a specific car brand.

Valet parking

Our chauffeurs will securely park your guests’ cars

If your guests want to drive their own car, save them the trouble of finding a parking space by using valet parking. Guests simply hand their keys to a chauffeur on arrival, who will then park the car and bring it back at the end of the event.

VIP service

Our service goes the extra mile

Complement your limousine service with a personalised VIP service. A personal assistant or city guide will happily be provided for your guests. The SIXT Limousine Service offers a 24-hour all-round service, personal protection, concierge, and more – our team can take care of hotel, flight, and restaurant reservations on your behalf. Chauffeur-driven, fully-armoured limousines with personal protection are also available on request, e.g. for embassy, state, and royal visits.

And much more

If what you are looking for hasn’t been discussed, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. SIXT can find solutions for events of all types and sizes.