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Long distance car service

Use our car service for longer journeys

SIXT ride's car service is currently available to book in over 200 cities all over the world, for A to B journeys within the city and hourly trips but also for longer distance trips and for travelling between two cities. Some of our most popular trips are longer ones between cities, for business travellers heading to meetings or for transfers from the airport to other towns, cities or perhaps even ski resorts in the region. With SIXT ride there are very few restrictions on where you can travel. A list of our current locations can be seen here and from any of these cities, long distance travel is entirely possible.

What our private car service offers

For travelling long distances, we offer a private atmosphere and the comfort of cars from only the very best manufacturers. Once you have entered your pickup location, destination, time and date, you will be presented with four car classes along with their respective prices. This means that there is something on offer for all budgets and travel parties with the option of business van for five travellers. Our economy price is competitive with that of a regular taxi service but with some added style. These prices are also fixed and are exactly what you will pay regardless of any traffic delays. For long distance travel from a private car service, SIXT ride has it covered.