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San Francisco to Los Angeles with Sixt One-Way Car Rental

SIXT offers the opportunity of affordable rates on one-way car rental to destinations such as driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles with no one-way fee. This service from SIXT allows you the chance and freedom to pick up a rental car in one city and return it to another location. Our deals on one way rental can be great for relocating, road trip adventures, or for when you are continuing your journey by another mode of transportation. No matter what the occasion for a one way rental, you can count on the premium car rental services provided by SIXT rent a car while exploring more on your travels.

One-way Convertible Rental

Feel the ocean breeze in your hair on your drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sixt offers a wide variety of convertible rental models to allow you to truly experience the California coastline. Choose Sixt convertible for your one-way car rental.

One-way SUV Rental

Travel down the coastline in comfort with Sixt SUV rental. With a spacious SUV, your trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles can be one of luxury for all passengers. Experience the coastline drive without sacrificing any room in one of our many available SUV rentals.

One-way Luxury Car Rental

California is all about luxury and with our exotic rental cars, your trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles allows you to feel and drive like a celebrity. With a large variety of luxury car rentals, Sixt rent a car is the perfect option to take your trip to the next level of luxury and elegance.

Drive between San Francisco Los Angeles with no one-way fee!

The California coastline is one of the most beautiful, scenic drives in all of the United States. Experience the drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles with great deals and affordable rates from Sixt one-way car rental. With a one-way car rental from Sixt, you can enjoy the unique, differing experience these two California cities offer. With a large available fleet in both cities, you can choose from many models including economy, convertible, SUV and luxury rentals to fit your travel needs. Don't worry about making a return trip and truly enjoy this one of a kind journey with Sixt rent a car.

Driving Directions from San Francisco to Los Angeles

There are two main options for the drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can follow the US Hwy 101 for 420 miles which often offers beautiful coastal views or take the Interstate 5, which is typically faster but not very scenic. Whichever way you decide to drive, there are opportunities to make stops along the way for sightseeing, food and gas. Pick-up your car rental at San Francisco Airport and drop it off at Los Angeles Airport.

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Sights to see driving Hwy 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles

  • You can make a detour to Santa Cruz or Monterey before heading further south
  • Play around in the sand dunes of Pismo Beach
  • Spend time in the pretty city of Santa Barbara
  • Head out to the Channel Islands on a whale watching boat trip from Ventura or Oxnard