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San Diego to Las Vegas with Sixt One-Way Car Rental

SIXT offers affordable one way car rental from San Diego to Las Vegas with no additional one way fee. A one way car rental lets you pick up a rental car in one city and return it to a different SIXT location. Booking a one-way car rental deal gives you an opportunity to plan an adventurous road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas with stops at top attractions en route. A one way car rental from San Diego to Las Vegas also makes it easier to continue your journey from another transportation hub. Whatever the occasion, treat yourself to a first class driving experience at an economy price with our one-way car rental services.

One-way Convertible Rental

With plenty of sunshine between San Diego and Las Vegas a convertible rental is a perfect way to enjoy the great weather. As you drive with the top down you can take in more of the scenery and fully be in the moment. For a way to have an even more fun on a road trip adventure choose a convertible rental from Sixt.

One-way SUV Rental

Sixt has a diverse selection of SUV rentals to help you drive from San Diego to Las Vegas in comfort and style. Our premium fleet lets you choose between a variety of SUVs including full size, crossover and luxury models. With ample cargo room and an adventurous character an SUV rental can be the perfect travel companion for your next road trip.

One-way Luxury Car Rental

Top of the line comforts and amenities await to accompany you on your next road trip when you choose from our selection of luxury car rentals. Live it up on the road as you drive in utmost style and class with one of our premium vehicles from world class manufacturers. Make a bold statement and stand out on the road as you drive one of our exotic car rentals in San Diego and Las Vegas. 

Drive between San Diego and Las Vegas with no fee!

Travel comfortably and at a low cost between San Diego and Las Vegas with Sixt's no fee one way car rental. Visit all the best destinations in both cities and get to see and do more with a one-way car rental. Our premium fleet offers a large selection of vehicles giving you the chance to drive from San Diego to Las Vegas in a rental car that suits your style. You have your choice no matter if wanting to drive an SUV, sports car, convertible, or are interested in a luxury car rental. Take advantage of a one way car rental deal with Sixt and experience more while driving to your final destination.

Fastest route from San Diego to Las Vegas

The fastest way from San Diego Airport to Las Vegas Airport is to drive north on Interstate 15, which is a distance of 332 miles and takes about 5 hours. While there are not so many attractions along the way you can make a stop at the Calico Ghost Town. As the route goes along the edges of Mojave National Preserve you also have the chance to detour into this amazing landscape.

Fastest route from San Diego to Las Vegas
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Scenic route from San Diego to Las Vegas

Scenic route from San Diego to Las Vegas

As the I-15 can be a rather boring drive you might want to consider lengthening the journey and experiencing a more scenic drive through the desert. This route covers almost 400 miles and takes about 9 hours. It might also be worth taking at least two days to really enjoy the beautiful desert landscapes this route crosses. Begin from San Diego heading east on I-8, exiting at 111 Forrester Rd turning west to following CA-78 to CA-86 N to drive along the Salton Sea. Turn right at CA-195 At Box Canyon Road a left on CA-111 N and follow Box Canyon Road through Joshua Tree National Park. Leaving the park turn right on CA-62 E, left on Godwin Road, right on Amboy Road and continue until making a right on Nation Trails Highway, the former Route 66. You can take this until it links with US-95 N to Las Vegas or turn left on Kelbaker Road and drive through Mojave National Preserve before linking with I-15 north to Las Vegas.