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Atlanta to Miami with Sixt One-Way Car Rental

SIXT offers the opportunity of affordable rates on one-way car rental to destinations such as driving from Atlanta to Miami, FL. This service from SIXT allows you the chance and freedom to pick up a rental car in one city and return it to another location. Our deals on one way rental can be great for relocating, road trip adventures, or for when you are continuing your journey by another mode of transportation. One way rentals are subject to fees*. No matter what the occasion for a one way rental, you can count on the premium car rental services provided by SIXT rent a car while exploring more on your travels.

One-way Convertible Rental

The southeastern United States is known for warm weather and sunshine year round which makes for the perfect reason to choose a convertible rental from Sixt. Whether you are exploring the city or driving to the beach, nothing quite says Florida like a convertible with the top down. With a large available fleet, Sixt has the perfect convertible rental for you.

One-way SUV Rental

Choose an SUV rental from Sixt to make your drive from Atlanta to Miami one of comfort. With a large variety of available SUV rentals ranging from crossover, luxury and full-size, you can choose the perfect model for your trip. Sixt SUV rentals allow you plenty of space for passengers and luggage to make your trip easy for everyone. Choose Sixt for your SUV rental.

One-way Luxury Car Rental

Atlanta and Miami have become renowned for the luxury lifestyle so why make your trip anything less? Sixt has a large fleet of luxury car rentals to let you choose how you want to travel. With makes and models from some of the top vehicle manufacturers in the world, you can stand out with one of our exotic car rentals in both Miami and Atlanta.

Drive between Atlanta and Miami with your one-way car rental

Sixt rent a car offers great deals at affordable rates to give you opportunity to drive one of the most popular routes in the southeast United States with our one-way car rental service. Experience the great culture of the south in Georgia and the sunny beaches of Florida all in one day. Sixt offers a large fleet of many vehicle makes and models from economy, convertible, SUV and luxury rentals to make the drive from Atlanta to Miami even more memorable. With one-way car rental from Sixt, you can experience both great cities and everything in between without worrying about returning your rental to the pick up location. Use Sixt one-way rental for your next travel experience and all you will have to remember are your taste buds in Atlanta and swimsuit for Miami.

Fastest route from Atlanta to Miami

Driving from Atlanta to Miami covers a distance of 660-700 miles with a drive time of around 10 hours. The travel route is very straightforward: pick up your car at Atlanta Airport and take Interstate 75 south to the Florida Turnpike (toll road) around Orlando. From here, you will continue on the turnpike until you merge onto Interstate 95 to the Miami exit of your final destination.

Fastest route from Atlanta to Miami
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Scenic route from Atlanta to Miami

Scenic route from Atlanta to Miami

While the drive from Atlanta to Miami can be accomplished in one day, many travelers choose to take a more scenic route. There are many different options that you can take, from detours all the way to Charleston, SC, the best alternate route can be found in going through the beautiful southern coastal city of Savannah, GA. If you are looking to extend your travels, this route is the ideal trip no matter the time of the year. Starting from Atlanta, you will start off on Interstate 75 and merge onto Interstate 16 east. From here, you will then merge onto the Florida Turnpike (toll road) and Interstate 95 into Miami. Although a seemingly direct route, there are many stops of interest along the way. If you have extra time or are traveling for vacation, some of the top spots along the route from Atlanta to Miami include:

  • Nu-Way Weiners: Home of the "best hot dogs" in America, this stop found in Macon, GA has been in operation since 1916.
  • Savannah, Georgia: Savannah is one of the remaining southern cities known for its Victorian and colonial architecture. A true southern city that takes you back in time to the origins of the south.
  • Cumberland Island National Seashore: Untouched wetlands, forest and pristine beaches await visitors of this state park
  • Jacksonville, FL: Discover the monuments and large river walks of this Floridian city
  • Disney World: For those with an extra day or two, a stop at the happiest place on earth is a must.

* SIXT one-way car rentals is subject to availability at participating SIXT locations in the US. This offer is subject to change without notice and all rentals are subject to SIXT standard terms and conditions. For the complete allowances with your rental car, please reference the rental services information.