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Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class rental

With plenty of luxury rental car options provided by SIXT, driving one of the most lavish and powerful vehicles can move from fantasy to reality in a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class car rental from SIXT. With show car good looks and strong capabilities rent a Mercedes-Benz CLA250 for a fun ride. With room for up to five and plenty of cargo space the CLA250 is your perfect travel companion for an adventurous road trip with friends or family. Enjoy fuel efficiency and full power in the pretty and practical coupe.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
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mb cla45 amg 4d weiss 2018
5 SEATS 4 DOORS Automatic Petrol Air conditioning 2 BAGS

Rent a Mercedes-Benz CLA

  • Unparalleled Performance: The premium engine found within the Mercedes-Benz CLA offers a super-charged 208-horsepower turbo highlighted by a rapid-multispark injection system, you'll experience force and control unlike ever before.
  • Advanced MPG Technology: Worried about using too much gas due to the powerful engine? The advanced and environmentally friendly engine shuts off when idling at a red light or in traffic, but as soon as your foot touches the gas this engine roars back to life.
  • Concert Quality Audio: Never be disappointed by an under-performing stereo system in a car rental again. The 450 watt Harman/Kardon LOGIC7 surround sound system creates rich, vibrant audio.
  • Digital Entertainment: The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class comes equipped with wireless Bluetooth audio streaming as well as a host of other digital connectivity options that transform this rental car into a portable digital library.

Experience a Mercedes Benz CLA-Class with Sixt rent a car

Few cars offer the style, performance and sheer perfection like the Mercedes-Benz CLA. SIXT believes everyone should experience the true joy of sitting behind the well-appointed wheel of a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class.

Technical Details

Equipment for CLA 45 AMG


Cylinder 4
Capacity 1,991 cm3
Max speed 381 PS
Max. power at speed 6,000 1/min
Max. torque 475 Nm
At speed 2250 1/min
Transmission 7 gear AMG SPEEDSHIFT

Technical Details

Length 4.640 mm
Height 1.432 mm
Wheelbase 2.699 mm
Luggage capacity 470 l
Fuel capacity 56 l
Tare 1.585 kg