Rent a GMC with Sixt Car Rental

When travelling in the states, opt for a big, bold and powerful GMC rental from Sixt. Sixt offers excellent customer services and great deals so that your GMC rental experience runs smoothly and stress-free. If you need a strong, reliable SUV for your next vacation or business trip, Sixt can provide you with a GMC car rental for an affordable price.

Rent a GMC for a great price

Experience the Power of a GMC Rental with Sixt

Boasting huge, powerful engines and unique style, GMC holds a reputation for being a reliable and diverse car brand. The interior of each GMC is as luxurious as the exterior with plenty of storage, leg room, comfortable, big seats and state of the art electronic controls. Having its manufacturing background from Military trucks you can't expect anything less when it comes to size and power.

Rent a GMC with Sixt in the USA

GMC is a division of General Motors and an American car manufacturer that specialize in Sports Utility Vehicles and trucks. Delivering a high standard of engineering, each GMC is safe, reliable and very powerful, therefore ideal for your family vacation. Find out about each Sixt rental GMC model below.

GMC Acadia

GMC Yukon

Save Money when you Rent a GMC with Sixt

The next time you need to rent a SUV that seats 8 people, remember the safety and comfort of a GMC. Take advantage of the Sixt best deals in order to grab a bargain the next time you need a rental car. You can also save money by paying for your rental car online in advance, and each vehicle is cheaper the longer you decide to rent it for. Upgrade your car rental with a useful add-on. Find out more about these optional yet beneficial extras below.