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To appreciate the iconic Ford Mustang convertible one only needs to climb in and start its powerful V6 engine. Hear the rumble and roar of this raconteur of the road and enjoy a thrilling ride as you take the wheel of this famous convertible top. The plus interior outfitted with comfortable, leather seats creates a soft touch which almost belies the ruggedness of this classic car. Making a fierce impression with its iconic silver painted aluminum wheels the Mustang lets those on the road know it’s a tough, supercharged contender.

Ford Mustang Convertible
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Ford Mustang was introduced by the Ford Motor Company at the 1964 New York World's Fair. Its name derives from the World War II P51 Mustang fighter plane and its original design was based on the Ford Falcon. Known as "Pony Cars", it was the brute force of the Ford Mustang that made it stand out. The unique "Launch Control" of the Mustang is another highlight. This is an integrated system that blends brakes, traction, and powertrain control for smooth starts. The 6-speed manual or automatic transmission provides driving pleasure, while the HID headlamps create perfect illumination.


Founded by the visionary Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford name has become synonymous with American innovation. The Ford Motor Company was only one of a few car manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. Its first assembled vehicle was the Model-A and was then followed by the K and S Ford and in 1908 they introduced the renowned Ford Model-T. Today the brand is the fifth largest automaker in the world.  Currently Ford also includes the Lincoln brand, but it has previously owned Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Mercury as well.

Technical Details


Cylinder 8
Capacity 4.951 ccm
Max speed 250 km/h
Acceleration: 0 - 100 Km/h 4.8 s
Max. power 317 hp
Max. power at speed 6500 1/min
Max. torque 530 Nm
At speed 4250 1/min

Technical Details

Length 4.784 mm
Height 1.394 mm
Wheelbase 2.720 mm
Luggage capacity 332 l
Fuel capacity 61 l
Tare 1.792 kg

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