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Umeå Car Rental
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Address: Formvägen 10A
  906 21 Umeå SE +46-90124504
Location: City
GDS - Code: UMEC03
SIXT #: 5567
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Mo. - Fr.07:00 - 17:00
Sa.10:00 - 14:00
 24 h pickup
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Welcome to Umeå Sixt rent a car

Car Rental in Umeå.

Welcome, my name is Robin Lindholm and I am the Branch Manager here. My team and I look forward to helping you with your next car rental. Whether you need a big, small, transport or moving truck, we have the vehicle for you. Looking for tips on attractions, just a
( Branch Manager )
  • Car rental at the branch Umeå
  • Car rental at the branch Umeå
  • Car rental at the branch Umeå
  • Car rental at the branch Umeå


City of Birches is a good starting point to discover and look north. But a rental car you can get between your different experiences. We can help you with navigation to ease your traveling. When you visit Umeå there are many places to explore. Umeå is only 2 mil from the coast and there is a huge variety of sea bathing. Some of the bigger beaches can be found in Norrmjöle and Bettnesand. Beautiful hiking trails along with the Kont. Play mini golf or rent your canoe and paddle along the Ume River.

In winter, there are plenty of cross-country tracks, test iceskating on Nydala or go to any of them nearby downhill skiing. Why not go E12/Blåvägen. The road stretches from the Norwegian coast, through the mountains and on through the country to the coast and Umeå. A very beautiful road.Stop in Lycksele where you find a big zoo with the typical Swedish animals and in winter the park is transformed into Santas home. Gammplatsen with Forest Museum or perhaps stay overnight at Ansia camping or hotel Lapland.

In Storuman you can stop at the ski hill viewpoint and with a little luck and good weather, you can then see the mountain chain that is growing over 10 mil west. If you continue after Blåvägen you will end up in the ski resort Tärnaby / Hemavan. Stop by here a few days and discover this wonderful mountain world. In summer there are plenty of excursions. Hike after Kungsleden, take the skilift up to Norrlift top and enjoy the wonderful views. Or why not rent you a bike down hill and bike down the mountain? Take a bath in Ryttjebäcken or perhaps fish in one of the mountain lakes. In winter, you can choose from a variety of activities like skiing downhill, at cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding or a horse ride? Umeå is a big University City and supply is large four those who like. Why not visit the center of the city, here you will find a wide selection of shopping, cafés and restaurants. The range of restaurants has grown the last few years in Umeå, you'll find something four everyone. Some restaurants that stand out and are well known are four example, Rex Bar and Grill, Restaurant Victoria or Spanish Tapas. At Renmarkstorget you will find the Italian restaurant Invito, the pub with the good food Bishop's arm or the popular Allstar.

With a premium car from Sixt Umeå you will take you to your destination smoothly. We can help you with your trip. Book your car rental through our website or call us for personal service.

Location Details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Fr.07:00 - 17:00
Sa.10:00 - 14:00

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SIXT # Umeå UMEC03 Formvägen 10A 906 21 Umeå 63.850400, 20.310430 +46-90124504 +46-90124162

SIXT # Umeå UMEC03

Formvägen 10A
906 21 Umeå
Phone +46-90124504
Fax +46-90124162

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The Sixt branch is located in house at Lindholms Bil (BMW).

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