Rent a BMW X2

Driving a BMW X2 car demands attention on the road due to its impressive bodywork and stylish interior. Now, SIXT rent a car gives you an opportunity to drive in luxury on your next trip with these two models. Offering a beautiful cabin finish and plenty of exciting extras, the 2018 BMW X2 xDrive is most definitely a luxury car and has everything the modern traveler needs. Likewise, in a 2018 BMW X2 sDrive SUV rental, experience rapid acceleration in seconds with its automatic transmission. Regardless of your choice, these premium compact SUVs can be yours to drive when you rent a car with SIXT and unleash your inner rebel.

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bmw x2 5d braun 2018
5 SEATS 4 DOORS Automatic Air conditioning 2 BAGS

Choose an Impressive BMW X2 Model from Sixt Rent a Car

With an unbeatable selection of premium rental cars, SIXT is the way to rent the car of your choice and experience the luxury of driving a BMW. Our rental process is quick and easy, so you have the option to book a variety of add-ons and enjoy top-quality customer service when you pick it up. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific model of vehicle, only a vehicle in the same category. Sleek, energy efficient, powerful and beautifully finished, the 2018 BMW X2 is the perfect option for your next business or leisure trip.

The Benefits of a BMW X2 xDrive Rental

This car rental is an absolute delight to drive. Here are just a few of its exciting features:

  • Top Quality Infotainment System: A BMW X2 xDrive SUV rental has the i-Drive system, with a standard 6.5-inch touch screen. The handy rotary dial makes navigating this system a total breeze.
  • Compact Crossover Design: When you rent this SUV, you might compare it to BMW's M series vehicles. That's because the shape of this streamlined vehicle has a similar stylish finish. 
  • Towing-Friendly Design: If you're thinking of taking a camping trip, it's no problem with this rental car. When you choose the 2018 BMW X2 xDrive, you can enjoy a towing power of more than 4,400 pounds and a 176-pound trailer nose weight, perfect for standard campers. 

Ride in Luxury with a BMW X2 sDrive Rental

  • 8-Speed Automatic Transmission: The BMW X2 sDrive has a turbocharged engine that makes it more of a sports model than an off-road one. It has rapid acceleration, meaning you can reach top speed in a matter of seconds if desired.
  • Safety features: The car has front airbags, side airbags and overhead airbags all meant to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover.
  • Interior: This 5-seater model comes equipped with driving assistance via a touchscreen mapping feature that helps you navigate using GPS. The entertainment system has USB ports that allow you to connect external devices.