With a BMW i3 from SIXT
BMW i3

BMW i3 Rental from SIXT

The i3 is BMW's first fully electric vehicle and the first car to have carbon-fiber reinforced plastic installed, which furthermore improves energy consumption. Rent this energy efficient BMW today with SIXT and instantly feel the thrill of driving an eco-friendly, reliable, cost efficient premium rental car.

BMW i3
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bmw i3 3d blau schwarz 2017 elektro
4 SEATS 5 DOORS Automatic Electric Air conditioning 1 BAGS


  • Free to Range: With a range of about 100 miles, the i3 is suitable for daily use everywhere.
  • Unique Interior: The cabin of the BMW i3 is made of contemporary carbon, a highly stable and very lightweight material that is as strong as steel. In the interior, there is no center console, but two monitors and a rotary switch, where the most important functions are controlled. An absolute novelty is the cross-linking of the i3 - a range assistant which displays the next (or nearest) charging station available.
  • Safety Included: The i3 is equipped with driver assistance systems, such as collision warning and park assist. For the safety of the vehicle, airbags and other active and passive safety systems are provided.

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