Automatic Car Rental in London

When you rent a car from Sixt in London, it's worth considering a vehicle with automatic transmission. Travel can often be stressful, especially when you need to drive in a foreign country. In a large city, traffic jams are common, and it is often distracting to drive a manual transmission car. And if you are coming from a country that drives on the opposite side of the road than in England, it will be easier to drive without thinking about shifting gears. 

Sixt automatic transmission filter

How to Book an Automatic Car with Sixt

It's easy to choose an automatic car when you make a reservation in London with us. After entering your destination and travel dates, you will be asked to choose a car category. At the top of the page there is a drop-down menu where you can filter by type of transmission. Select "Automatic" and click apply and you will see the vehicle choices for your chosen station.

What to See in London

With an automatic car, you can see more within the city limits. See pieces of history by visiting Buckingham Palace or the medieval Tower of London where the crown jewels are housed. Drive over the River Thames on one of the many bridges. Then take some time to relax by cruising to Hyde Park where you can stroll along its paths or sit by the lake on warmer days. Kensington Palace, a royal residence and gardens, sits at one end of the park. There are so many things to see and do in the city that having a car at your disposal will allow you to see more.   

Rent an Automatic Car with Sixt Rent a Car

Sixt Automatic Car Rental Services

Our extensive fleet offers you the option of driving an automatic transmission car on your next trip. When in an unfamiliar location with different traffic rules and signs, you can make your driving experience easier. We offer several car categories with automatic options. Select a compact car or premium sedan, van, or luxury SUV. There are a wide range of options at our London locations. Enjoy all of the sights on your next trip to London with a hassle-free vehicle.