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Audi is among the most recognized luxury car brand around the world. The German manufacturers have an unparalleled reputation for producing exquisite vehicles offering exceptional performance and comforts. Their sophisticated exteriors are aerodynamic and highlight the interplay of light and line. Audi models are equipped with the latest technologies and innovative features. Its no surprise that the brand has succeeded at world champion racing events like the Le Mans with their sports car models. Sixt is delighted to offer you the chance to experience the refinement and pleasures of an Audi car rental.


The Audi logo represents the original four companies that merged together in the early 20th century to create the first models. Even in its initial years, Audi was able to gained recognition for their breakthroughs in the automotive industry. One of their biggest achievements was creating the first vehicle with a front wheel drive and 6 cylinder engine in Europe. Despite the turbulent times the firm faced after World War II, it was able to eventually recapture its success thanks to its unique style of engineering. Acquired by Volkswagen in the sixties, Audi established additional manufacturing plants in various countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. With is solid reputation for excellence, opt for an Audi rent a car from Sixt and treat yourself to a smooth, stylish and luxurious drive.

Audi car models for Sixt in the US

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Drive in Style with an Audi Rental Car

With an excellent combination of power, grace and comfort, the Audi is the perfect vehicle to take you from the business meeting to the party. These refined and luxury rental cars are versatile for fun filled vacations and indulgent weekend trips. Impress business partners and clients as you roll up to meetings in a sleek and breath-taking rental car from Sixt.

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Sixt Model Options from Audi in the United States

Known as one of the world's most trusted and favored car brands, Audi is the epitome of quality cars. In 1966, Audi was acquired by the Volkswagen Group and has gone on to become pioneers in automotive engineering. Having sold nearly 1.5 million vehicles in 2012, they are now the leading contributor to their parent company. Sixt is proud to offer these indisputably luxurious rental cars in our fleet.

Save money when renting an Audi

Save time and money when renting an Audi from Sixt by paying online in advance. Due to their high exclusivity, our Audi rental cars are only available in certain locations so please call your branch of choice regarding their availability. Check our best deals page for attractive offers and discounts available on our rental cars. Upgrade your Audi with an attractive add-on.