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  • Benjamin B. | 25.02.2015 23:56
    5 5
    The vehicle was greater, but I was very impressed by the customer service. The gentleman was very friendly and helped us out with putting an extra person on the insurance. Also, on returning the car, the same gentleman recognized me and enquired about my rental and holiday. A very enjoyable and personal experience.
  • Stephen S. | 18.02.2015 16:30
    5 5
    The price was good, greetings from the staff on arrival was excellent. Checking out was easy and once again the T5 staff were perfect.
  • John W. | 14.02.2015 18:19
    5 5
    Your representative Mr. Paul Plaskwa was delightful to deal with. He was helpful, friendly and provided great customer service. He's an asset to your organization.
  • Richard S. | 07.02.2015 15:49
    5 5
    Your employees were extremely helpful at the time when i picked up the car. They gave me a larger car with automatic for the same price I had paid for a smaller manual car. On my return I thought I had left my GPS in the car and they tried hard to find it, but the only part still in the car was the window mount which they found and...
  • Darren H. | 02.02.2015 10:23
    5 5
    I usually use Avis at Heathrow T5 however on this occasion they didnt have any suitable cars available, so searched for an alternative and found Sixt. I do not plan to use Avis again! The collection experience was far better than the scrum at the Avis office, far more relaxed, friendly, and welcoming (even being given a bottle of...
  • Richard W. | 30.01.2015 15:41
    5 5
    I have rented with many different car hire firms. With sixt it is the first time I have paid the quoted price with no extras added on ether when collecting the car or receiving the final invoice. I shall hire again from Sixt next time.
  • Thiago G. | 20.01.2015 12:09
    5 5
    O aluguel na Sixt de Londres ocorreu de forma rápida e prática. Apenas tive um pouco de dificuldade para encontrar o balcão, pois está localizado dentro do hotel Sofitel, e essa informação não constava em lugar nenhum, mas uma vez que eu encontrei, foi tudo muito rápido e fácil. O carro era novinho e impecável. Um dia antes do aluguel...
  • Stefano O. | 18.01.2015 05:22
    5 5
    Paul was very helpful explaining the car equipment and assisting to get the right deal.
  • Ahmed Tijiani M. | 13.01.2015 10:54
    5 5
    It was a nice experience - professional and friendly
  • Colette W. | 10.01.2015 12:13
    5 5
    Excellent. I rent a car every six weeks or so. You are far and away the best. The only reason I cannot book with you more often is that your prices can spike to unrealistic levels ( when you are busy I expect). A shame, I would prefer always to rent from you. Representative at Heathrow Sifitel when I landed was fantastic, great service...
  • Geraldine M. | 08.01.2015 10:40
    5 5
    Great that the pick up/drop off is actually within Terminal 5 at Heathrow - makes a huge difference.
  • Scott A. | 24.12.2014 11:47
    5 5
    Location is key. Sixt is the only rental car company that has cars right at the airport. For only a 12 hour stay in London, every minute counts.
  • Rafael H. | 21.12.2014 21:51
    5 5
    Excellent service. Responsive to my needs. Very friendly and helpful employees both at delivery and collection. Efficent process. Congratulations!
  • Simon W. | 29.11.2014 17:54
    4 5
    Renting a car from SIXT was very easy, we booked it online in Argentina and when we arrived in Heathrow - Terminal 5, it was well signposted and not very far to walk, which was a good job as we'd got 3 tired kids and 8 bags!! It was quick to collect the key and do the paperwork and we were off!! We used the car for 3 weeks before...
  • Trevor G. | 27.11.2014 13:26
    5 5
    The staff (ladies) at Sofitel T5 were absolutely brilliant at both pick-up and drop-off. Such a refreshing change from the attitude of the staff at Avis T5. The vehicle was excellent (very new and spotlessly clean) and a welcome change from the tired old vehicles that one frequently gets allocated at Hertz. Great value for money too....
  • Craig A. | 26.11.2014 13:10
    5 5
    This was one of hte best car rental handovers I have ever received.Not only did the lady upgrade my car for no charge but she walked me to the car park and handed the car over to me. She was extremly proffesional and nice. A complete pleasure to do business with and I will tell all my friends. First class service at the Sofitel Sixt...
  • Martingiles P. | 11.11.2014 07:35
    5 5
    I was very impressed with all aspects of your rental service - including price. I hire cars regularly from Heathrow from various hire car companies - and this was by far my best experience over 20 years! Well done Sixt!
  • Dean J. | 28.10.2014 13:32
    5 5
    Fast and efficient service at T5 coupled with courteous and helpful staff made for a great rental experience. Keep it up.
  • Steve S. | 09.10.2014 18:35
    5 5
    I enjoy renting from Sixt and will do so again in the future. The selection of vehicles is great - I like being able to get what I consider a better car than what I can get at other rental companies for similar prices (Mercedes/BMW vs entry level Toyota/Seat).We went to Portugal on this trip as well and I was disappointed that I did...
  • Simon P. | 03.10.2014 04:19
    5 5
    Excellent service, pre booking was very easy, pick up location was excellent and very convenient. Follow up questions dealt with transparently and efficiently. Very good all round experience
  • Jose G. | 23.09.2014 12:13
    5 5
    I rented a Mercedes-Benz C Class with Sixt in London Heathrow Airport T5 in august 2014 and it was completely awesome. The attention and the branch and parking facilities were pretty good too. I totally recommend it!
  • Afonso Celso A. | 17.09.2014 11:54
    5 5
    Thanks folks for The great customer Service, fast drop off and reliable contract.
  • David L. | 17.09.2014 11:36
    4 5
    This was a no fuss straightforward booking and return. Staff were both helpful, in formative and friendly. The acceess to my vehicle and return was very professional at London Heathrow Terminal 5.
  • Jill K. | 12.09.2014 07:01
    5 5
    I would liked to have selected nearly all the reasons,as my experience of renting a car from you at terminal 5 was a very positive one. Please convey my thanks to the at Sixt terminal 5 THANKYOU
  • Piotr M. | 11.09.2014 20:51
    5 5
    Great team, delivering excellent service - well done!
  • Sergey K. | 09.09.2014 13:11
    5 5
    With a new Sixt branch at T5 it's very easy to collect and return a car. All paper work is done very quickly and efficiently. I definitely recommend this company to my friends and colleagues.
  • Edward M. | 02.09.2014 08:40
    4 5
    Overall very good and the lady assisting with pickup and return of vehicle was helpful.
  • Guy F. | 28.08.2014 09:53
    4 5
    The staff on pickup of the car were very friendly, walked us down to the car, made sure everything was ok and did not oversell additional features. We chose the Sofitel hotel because Sixt was there, we chose Sixt because the Sofitel was there - the partnership worked perfectly for us - if you don't have "packages" together, you should!
  • Mark S. | 12.08.2014 16:26
    5 5
    It is difficult to choose from the choices of the excellent service provided by Sixt. The first time I used Sixt was in Thailand and I was impressed. The 2 occasions that I have used Sixt while in the UK in the past few months were equally impressive. When I compare past experience as a business user with other companies I have been...
  • David M. | 05.08.2014 20:47
    5 5
    The terminal 5 Heathrow is the best set up I have ever used and I have used a lot of car rentals all over the world !
  • Victoria S. | 04.08.2014 09:30
    5 5
    I found sixt to be the best car rental company I've ever used. The staff were very friendly & helpful quick & easy collection & drop off of the car. Very impressed
  • Kenneth R. | 28.07.2014 11:00
    5 5
    Honestly the whole process was brilliant - great price, easy to book, easy to get to from T5, and easy to return. Absolutely no quibbles. And of course a great car.
  • Simon R. | 22.07.2014 13:59
    5 5
    This is the second time I have used Sixt and on both occasions I have been very satisfied with the overall experience and quality of their company. Based on my experiences with Sixt and my experiences with other rental companies, I will continue to use Sixt in the future. Thank you
  • Christopher T. | 20.07.2014 12:07
    5 5
    None required. My needs were attended to in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Sarah D. | 12.07.2014 14:24
    5 5
    The 24 hour return service is very helpful and was the reason that we chose Sixt to hire the car. The other main reason for choosing Sixt at Heathrow Terminal 5 was that the pick-up point is conveniently located and does not involve a shuttle bus. Staff were friendly and helpful and the car suited our needs very well.
  • Moira K. | 08.07.2014 09:42
    5 5
    The car was excellent for my purpose and I was very happy with the whole renting process. We had a very friendly, helpful gentleman at heathrow who came to the car with us and as I had 2 little children with me this was important.
  • John B. | 30.06.2014 07:12
    5 5
    the staff were exceptional,nothing was any trouble to them. we were totally satisfied by the efficiency and recommendations from the staff.
  • Khalid A. | 29.06.2014 06:37
    5 5
    Reliable service and professional staff, I would to thank one your employees who served me during my last rental in T5 Miss Beata for her pleasant and professional attitude.
  • David W. | 16.06.2014 10:27
    5 5
    Employees were friendly and professional both during collection and return.
  • Anna W. | 09.06.2014 10:25
    5 5
    We found that the staff at the Sofitel Depot, especially Paul, extremely helpful and efficient. We had not been notified of the changes at Terminal 5 but when we finally got there, the staff did more than enough in order to expedite our rental and make us feel comfortable with the whole process. I would not hesitate in recommending...
  • Ian H. | 06.06.2014 16:37
    5 5
    Was how it supposed to be.
  • Michael F. | 21.05.2014 17:09
    5 5
    Fast and efficientNo hassle.
  • Michael John D. | 19.05.2014 11:22
    5 5
    Ideal with no problems
  • Katherine S. | 29.04.2014 10:17
    4 5
    It was a bit of a challenge trying to find the desk, but we did eventually sort it out. Returning the vehicle, one more sign would be lovely at the top of the car park to direct you down into the garage.Your staff however, were fantastic. Welcoming, professional, well presented, knowledgeable, and more than anything, they were...
  • Gregory B. | 27.04.2014 22:54
    5 5
    Check in staff were extremely friendly and helpful and made for a positive experience, in addition to this the car park at Terminal 5 is very conveniently located both for arrival and departures. For both these reason I would happily rent from Sixt again and would happily recommend them.
  • Alan S. | 23.04.2014 12:23
    5 5
    Excellent service from your staff at Terminal 5, Paul.
  • Guenter S. | 18.04.2014 11:00
    5 5
    Especially the pick up was Great, very helpful employee!
  • Sam S. | 10.04.2014 10:24
    5 5
    I had originally made a reservation with greenmotion, and whwn I got there they wanted in excess of over 400 pound for young drivers fees! So I told them to stick there booking and they're a rip off... on tge way back to the terminal I made a reservation with yourselves online and picked the car up . Excellent service although I wasnt...
  • Susan W. | 09.04.2014 09:21
    5 5
    Collection was very easy...staff very helpful and returning the car was a breeze. Thank you
  • Xavier R. | 03.04.2014 13:54
    5 5
    The service interaction was very good and very caring ..thank you
  • Leach C. | 20.03.2014 15:55
    5 5
    I was specifically impressed with the professional level of customer service I received when I collected the car (on the night of Friday 14th March). The gentleman who served me was smart and courteous. Despite bing on his own, he managed to deal with several issues in a calm and professional manner. I was particularly impressed that...
  • Gino M. | 20.03.2014 11:11
    4 5
    Staff were really friendly and helpful.Superb location right at T5 at Heathrow!The only negative thing was the car.Was only after a cheap car as need to drive back to somerset, then park it for three days and drive back to London.Ended up with the larger version of the Fiat 500 which was awful to drive, so definitely would not want one...
  • Brent Anthony T. | 09.03.2014 10:47
    5 5
    Sixt has just become my preferred automotive rental agency in the UK.1000% satisfied!
  • Rakesh M. | 07.03.2014 10:55
    5 5
    Outstanding service provided by Sixt agent!
  • Sian E. | 16.02.2014 15:03
    5 5
    The staff both on the phone and on the desk were extremely helpful. My private car had broken down and I urgently needed a car to get me in and out of work. The lady on the phone was much more helpful, and understanding than other car rental companies I had called from the t5 phones and the staff on the desk were just as good. I am t5...
  • Rachid Z. | 11.02.2014 05:27
    5 5
    The staff at the Sofitel Heathrow location were extremely friendly and helpful and they made me feel as if I were a VIP customer. I would like to thank them and say: "great job, keep it up guys".
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Location Details
Address: Sofitel London Heathrow T5
  TW6 2GD London GB +44-844-4993399
Location: airport
GDS - Code: LONT05
SIXT #: 40211
Opening Hours
Mo. - Su.06:00 - 23:00
Bank holiday06:00 - 23:00
 24 h pickup
24 h return

Welcome to the London Heathrow Airport T5 Sixt rent a car office

  • Car rental at the branch London Heathrow Airport T5
  • Car rental at the branch London Heathrow Airport T5

Rent a Car Selections at Heathrow Airport's T5 Terminal

Sixt Car Rental services welcomes visitors to its Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 facility to take advantage of our affordable rates. We offer premium rental car options in sports, economy, SUV, convertible, luxury car and minivan selections for your driving needs in England. When you arrive at our Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 branch, our courteous and professional staff can assist you on available models from our various car categories. Your rental car choice has additional services offered, depending on location that includes under 25 driver options, unlimited mileage, insurance, additional driver options, baby seat and Sat Nav. We look forward to offering you a quality rent a car experience at our Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 agency.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5-- the T5-- Renting a Car

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, also known as the T5, represents the newest of Heathrow Airport's (LHR) terminals. Heathrow Airport is Europe's busiest airport handling an estimated 68 million passengers per year. The T5 terminal is designed to handle approximately 35 million passengers a year. Having opened in 2008, the T5 is used by the British Airways and Iberia carriers. With its five floor capacity, the T5 offers travelers a wide range of services that includes restaurants, hotels, parking, and rent a car facilities. Our offices are situated just a five minute walk away inside the Sofitel Hotel where you can pick up your car rental and then drop it off at the hotel car park. Central London is approximately a 45-60 minute drive from the Heathrow Terminal 5, which is close to the A3044 Road and accessed by a motor Spurway connecting to the M25.

Places to Visit with a Rent a Car in London

London has endless possibilities to explore with a car rental. The numerous attractions and sites to visit on your own schedule include seeing the incredible beauty of historic Westminster Abbey or heading off for a tranquil recreation day at the lush greenery of Kensington Park. You can also discover other historic parts of the United Kingdom with a scenic drive through its different districts and architecture. With our extensive rental car network, you will always be assured an affordable and premium vehicle.

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Location details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Su.06:00 - 23:00
Bank holiday06:00 - 23:00

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # London Heathrow Airport T5 LONT05 Sofitel London Heathrow T5 TW6 2GD London 51.473030, -0.491470 +44-844-4993399 +44-1246-506129

SIXT # London Heathrow Airport T5 LONT05

Sofitel London Heathrow T5
TW6 2GD London
Phone no. +44-844-4993399
Fax +44-1246-506129

Location plan - how to find us

Your way to Sixt car hire at Heathrow Terminal 5:

After leaving the baggage claim area please follow the sign UK Arrivals, car rental, Sofitel straight ahead. You will then pass the exits of Heathrow Express and London Underground on your left handside. After that you will see the exit that leads to the local buses, car rental buses and taxis. Please do not take this exit but head to the elevators in front. Inside you will find a Sofitel button that brings you to the first floor. Upstairs please turn right and follow the long hallway straight ahead. You will find the Sixt counter at its end on your left handside.

Return information:

When returning your hire car at Heathrow Terminal 5 please take exit number 14 when leaving the M25. After 0.7 miles you will arrive at a large roundabout, take the second exit to Terminal 5, short stay. Please follow the road and stay left at the sign saying Overheight vehicles, Sofitel Hotel. Shortly after that you will find a direction sign saying Overheight vehicles, Sofitel Hotel, Exit. Then please stay left again. You will see the Sofitel Hotel in front of you. Follow the street around the hotel until you see a sign leading you to the left into the Hotel Car Park. Please enter the car park. You will find the Sixt parking spaces near the car park entrance.

Download location map

Out of hours pickup & return

Out of hour pickup possible.

Pick-up out of opening hours is possible for an additional charge. Please provide your address and credit card details, e-mail address, flight and mobile number.

Out of hour return possible.

Return out of opening hours is possible for an additional charge. Please provide e-mail address, flight and mobile number.

Categories and services at this location

  • Cars & vehicles
  • Sports cars & convertibles
  • 4x4 / SUV
  • 24 h pickup
  • 24 h return