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Düsseldorf Car Rental

Customer Reviews About Sixt

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  • Thomas G. | 29.06.2015 15:45
    5 5
    The employee that gave us the keys and rental agreement was very professional, courteous, and helpful. Please tell her thank you! The car was everything we expected. Every step of the process was enjoyable - from pick up to return.
  • Kerry D. | 29.06.2015 05:04
    5 5
    The Staff was very professional and helped me plan the first leg of my drive to Berlin.
  • Joseph Donald M. | 03.03.2015 11:56
    5 5
    Great experience
  • Alfred S. | 22.08.2014 11:11
    5 5
    Very professional and efficient when collecting and delivering the car
  • Nisim Meir B. | 20.08.2014 15:38
    4 5
    Good Cars, Good service.
  • Richard T. | 31.07.2014 19:38
    5 5
    I use Enterprise in the U.K. and I can say truthfully that Sixt have better cars and offer a.much better service
  • Carlos C. | 03.07.2014 23:23
    5 5
    I was also happy with the help received to set the gps
  • Kasper D. | 22.05.2014 12:58
    5 5
    Easy no hassle experience, absolutely no problems. New and clean car. Friendly staff. Easy pick-up and easy return. Overall very good.
  • Kerem Y. | 24.02.2014 10:54
    5 5
    Amongst other things...the upgrade option was very good/value, ultimately for me this is what makes the difference!Thank you,
  • Athanasios T. | 07.02.2014 13:00
    5 5
    My experiense with SIXT for so many years is excellent without any complains.
  • Wolfhart S. | 22.10.2013 20:20
    5 5
    No, it's fine like this.
  • Werner A. | 22.10.2013 20:12
    5 5
    I was very satisfied and would always rent from Sixt again.
  • Stuart B. | 16.10.2013 21:26
    5 5
    A great experience all round will be back...
  • Rainer L. | 03.04.2013 00:00
    4 5
    Friendly staff, excellent cars and no hassle returns in and out in no time. keep up the good work.Oh, I love your affordable upgrades:)
  • Aksu T. | 18.03.2013 00:00
    5 5
    Keep up the good service thanks.
  • Humphrey V. | 05.03.2013 00:00
    5 5
    Keep up the good work
  • Hermanus H. | 13.12.2012 00:00
    4 5
    No suggestions --- keep on going like this!
  • Baoqi T. | 23.10.2012 00:00
    5 5
  • Hubert M. | 18.10.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Your personal was great, the car was great, everything wentjust smooth and beautiful.My spouse and I would like to thank everybody at 'SIXT'auto rental for a satisfying service.
  • Roman P. | 16.10.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Very good service, very good cars, very good company!
  • Olaf M. | 04.10.2012 00:00
    5 5
    this is the first rental company which had the car available as promised, and I rent cars for more that 25 years in the past, with other companies, they always were sorry not to have what I wanted, but had other junk.....
  • Emnayes A. | 04.10.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Thank you very much for excellent service and good to deal with staff
  • Edward M. | 25.09.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Excellant experiance.
  • Qais N.O A. | 06.09.2012 00:00
    5 5
  • Elisa C. | 21.06.2012 00:00
    5 5
    We rented a VW Polo diesel - what a great car! The car was very easy and fun to drive, it got great gas mileage and we were happy with customer service both picking up the car and dropping it off. GREAT JOB !
  • Kirill Z. | 12.05.2012 00:00
    4 5
    All is well!
  • Mary M. | 20.04.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Very helpfull counter women.
  • Robert S. | 19.04.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Online check in made it very easy, well done for that
  • Medvecky O. | 15.03.2012 00:00
    4 5
    agents were very helpful+I left a glass case in the car and it was returned promptly, good job
  • George H. | 13.01.2012 00:00
    5 5
    Best rental car service I every had. I will choose Sixt everytime in the future.
  • Habib D. | 22.12.2011 00:00
    5 5
    Better price and better car than the others with great service, at least in Germany!
  • Arnulf D. | 17.11.2011 00:00
    4 5
    Hi, I was pretty much satisfied with the car rental last week, and I have no complaints. The car was very good, and I got all I asked for.And for sure, I will choose a Sixt Rental Car again on my trips.Thanks!
  • Conrad H. | 17.11.2011 00:00
    5 5
    Excellent service unfortunately our company has a CDP with another company
  • Adam N. | 29.09.2011 00:00
    5 5
    Everything worked perfectly. Was positively surprised of how easy it was to get the car at the handling terminal.
  • Szocs J. | 30.06.2011 00:00
    5 5
    Freundlich, und schnell,
  • Nicholas B. | 19.06.2011 00:00
    4 5
    Your staff at Dusseldorf are excellent - very professional
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Location Details
Address: Terminal Ring 1, Zentralgeb.
  40474 Düsseldorf DE +49-1806-252525
Location: airport
GDS - Code: DUS
SIXT #: 115
Opening Hours
Mo. - Su.06:15 - 23:30
Bank holiday06:15 - 23:30
 24 h return

Welcome to Dusseldorf Airport Sixt rent a car

  • Car rental at the branch Dusseldorf  Airport
  • Car rental at the branch Dusseldorf  Airport
  • Car rental at the branch Dusseldorf  Airport
  • Car rental at the branch Dusseldorf  Airport

Duesseldorf Airport Car Rental

1st paragraph: Car rental Duesseldorf Airport makes your trip to Germany easier. car rental options ensure that you can reach any place within driving distance. When you rent a car through Sixt, you'll have luxury rental options for getting around Duesseldorf. Sixt offers a good selection of rent a car options, as well as 24-hour return. Deciding to rent a car is always the best choice for a relaxing vacation. Getting a city car using available price comparison options will save you a lot of money.

Cheap Car Options at Duesseldorf Airport

Duesseldorf Airport(DUS) handles the needs of over 20 million travelers every year. Car rental is a convenient option because Dusseldorf Airport is about 7km from the city's downtown area. Duesseldorf Airport is a major hub for several popular European airlines. Sixt rent a car options are always convenient, even on major holidays.

Seeing Duesseldorf with Your Car Rental

There are several places close to Dusseldorf Airport to see. Your car rental easily puts areas such as the Königsallee, with its shopping opportunities, within easy reach. A car rental is also helpful if you want to be able to see the Altstadt and Kaiserswerth historical districts, complete with old castles. There are literally dozens of museums and other arts-related attractions to see, including the Art Academy's exhibition center, the Institute for Art Documentation and Scenography and Society for the Promotion of the Fine Arts. See the Botanischer Garten Düsseldorf for a beautiful botanical collection and the Nordpark, a beautiful park found in the confines of the AquaZoo. The AquaZoo features several animal species, as well as an aquarium.

( Branch Manager )

Location details

Opening Hours

Mo. - Su.06:15 - 23:30
Bank holiday06:15 - 23:30

Contacts / Lost & Found

SIXT # Dusseldorf Airport DUS Terminal Ring 1, Zentralgeb. 40474 Düsseldorf 51.278810, 6.765583 +49-1806-252525 +49-1806-2229300115

SIXT # Dusseldorf Airport DUS

Terminal Ring 1, Zentralgeb.
40474 Düsseldorf
Phone no. +49-1806-252525 *
Fax +49-1806-2229300115 *
* 0.20 ¤/call from german landline network, 0.60 ¤/call from german mobile network

Location plan - how to find us

How to reach us by highway:

Approaching on the A52 from Essen, please take the A44 in direction to Düsseldorf Airport at the intersection Düsseldorf Nord. Approaching on the A3 from Cologne, please take the A44 in direction to Düsseldorf Airport at the intersection Ratingen Ost. Approaching on the A57 from Cologne or Krefeld, please take the A44 in direction to Düsseldorf Airport at the intersection Meerbusch. In any case then take the junction Düsseldorf Airport on the A44 and follow the sign "departures". Please stay on the right and follow the sign for Luftfracht Cargo, Lichtenbroich, Car rental. On the next traffic lights turn left and on the right hand side you will see our car rental center.

How to reach us by public transport:

From the Düsseldorf main train station you can reach us by tram S11, which takes you directly to the Düsseldorf Airport. There is also a bus (No. 721) running from the main train station to the Düsseldorf airport. From Ratingen you can reach us by bus No.760. You can reach us by train from various destinations arriving at the Airport station. From there you take the Sky train to terminal B.

How to reach our office and the rental cars:

You can find our office on arrival B directly next to the exit from the baggage claim 7/8/9. You can find our cars in our car rental center. Therefore please go up to the departure level (level 1). Leave the terminal, go left and you will directly get to the bridge in the car rental center.

How to find the SIXT Quick-Check-In terminal:

You will find the SIXT Quick-Check-In terminal in our car rental center in the office on the first level. The opening hours are from 6:15 am to 23:30 pm. From the arrival level, please go up to the departure level (level 1). Please leave the terminal, go left and you will directly get to the bridge in the car rental center.

Download location map

Outside open hours - pick-up & return

Out of hour return possible.

Please park the Sixt vehicle on ground level in the car rental center. Please hand the key to one of the service staff.

Categories and services at this location

  • Compact Cars & Sedans
  • Sports cars & convertibles
  • 4x4 / SUV
  • Select vehicle for pick-up using iPhone
  • 24 h return
  • Express counter

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At this station, you can also rent premium vehicles. Are you looking for an exotic car? SIXT luxury cars makes it possible!