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SUV Rental in San Diego, CA

No matter what your reason for visiting, you can find the perfect SUV rental in San Diego from SIXT. Whether you’re looking for a full-size SUV with lots of cargo space, a 7-seater that fits the entire family, or a premium option, your options are endless. Plus, you can choose from top SUV brands like Jeep and GMC. With features like 4WD and all-wheel drive, your drive will be particularly safe and comfortable. If you rent an SUV in San Diego, you will be able to explore the entire city, whether you’re driving by the coast or heading into the mountains. 

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Good to know when renting an SUV in San Diego

How old do I need to be to rent an SUV?

From the age of 21, you can rent an SUV with SIXT including 7 seater models. The more premium and larger vehicles can only be rented after the driver is over the age of 25. A young driver fee may be applied if you're under the age of 25.

Do SUVs come with 4WD?

Not all SUVs come with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive as standard. When this is not the case, guaranteed all-wheel drive can be chosen as an extra during the booking process. This is highly recommended during the winter months in Denver.

Can I take my SUV off-road?

No SIXT vehicle can be taken off-road and this would violate the Terms and Conditions of the rental.

Where to rent an SUV in San Diego?

What are the Benefits of Renting an SUV in San Diego?

Space for the whole family

Renting an SUV is the perfect way to ensure that you have room for all your passengers, as well as any luggage, toys and sports equipment. 

Rental periods to fit your schedule

With flexible rental periods, you can choose a weekly or monthly rental for your SUV and explore for as long as you like.  

Useful add-ons

With bookable extras like GPS systems, child seats and an additional driver, it’s easy to customize your rental how you want it.   

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Premium auto manufacturers

Make sure your rental is both stylish and reliable by choosing a rental category that includes luxurious models from Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz. 

Explore San Diego with your SUV rental

A road trip from San Diego is a perfect way to explore the outdoors and engage in a variety of activities, whether it’s relaxing at the beach or going hiking. While an SUV is practical if you’re driving through the Californian mountains, it’s also great for storing all your beach equipment. Bookable extras like GPS and an additional driver make it easy to navigate your way through the region and share driving responsibilities. An SUV from SIXT will make your adventure as safe and comfortable as possible.