Save with SIXT's SUV Rental Deal

There are many kinds of trips that an SUV is good for. And with our SUV rental deals you can take your next vacation and have plenty of room for your belongings without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of SUV models from smaller crossovers to those that seat up to seven people. Our mid-size SUVs (in the IFAR category) are an all-around workhorse, seating five people and fitting all your stuff in the back. You can also prepay for your rental and save some cash to spend at your destination in the US.

Save when you choose SIXT rent a car

While we don't currently have a specific special offer for one-way car rentals, you can still save money by visiting our Best Deals page and discovering our current discounts. Alternatively, sign up to the SIXT newsletter to never miss a discount.

Benefits of Renting an SUV

The more spacious interiors of our SUVs that you can take a road trip across the USA with family or friends without being too cramped. Many of the models also feature infotainment options to keep everyone connected and entertained during the drive. An SUV rental is also perfect for ski trips or other outdoor adventures where you might encounter more mountainous terrain. Plus, you can fit all your gear in the spacious cargo space. Need to move a few things across town or to another city? SUVs are perfect for transporting larger items. Basically, an SUV is an all-around workhorse that is perfect for just about any kind of trip.

Benefits of Renting an SUV