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Choose an alternative to a taxi in Washington DC

If you want to see all of the sights in the American capital, or you need to dash between meetings, a taxi alternative in Washington makes perfect sense. Sixt mydriver offers a simple way to book skilled, professional drivers in the DC area. They can pick you up wherever you are staying at any time of day. If you need to attend the IMF or the State Department for a meeting, our drivers will be at your door, ready to get you there with time to spare. All of our vehicles are premium models, including black limousines and elegant saloons - so you will also be able to make a good impression when arriving at your workplace. But it's not all about work. Our drivers also provide a great taxi alternative for tourists. Washington has a huge number of attractions, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Mall, the Smithsonian Museum and, of course, the White House itself. Instead of battling through crowds, walking long distances or trying to hail cars from other taxi companies, a personal driver can take you from sight to sight. That way, you can see everything at your own pace and in complete comfort.

Why pick Sixt mydriver as your taxi alternative in Washington?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a taxi alternative with us in DC For one thing, we make booking easy. All you need to do is log onto our company website, where you can enter a couple of piece of information about your booking. Tell us where in DC you want to be picked up, when you need a driver, and we will provide a price instantly. We only charge fixed rates, so there are no unexpected fees on the day. We can also pick you up anywhere in town, making our service a life-saver if you are working in the city center and you find yourself stranded without transport in the evening. If you have an itinerary planned during your time in Washington, you can also pre-book a schedule of trips, making scheduling easy. You can also choose your vehicle from our premium range. We have fast, roomy saloons and classy black sedans in DC and all of them are just a click away on our website.


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