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From Logan International to the Harbor, to Paul Revere's house and the famous bastions of learning, Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, count on Sixt mydriver to provide you with unparalleled service when you’re in Boston. When you pre-book your high-quality black vehicle online, you can rest easy knowing that your knowledgeable and professional driver will get you where you need to go in comfort. And you won't miss a single sight on your trip since you'll skip the hassle of trying to hail a cab down to get from point A to B. Tour the historic monuments of Boston and don't miss getting lost in its bustling downtown. Smart travellers know that part of arranging a smooth journey is pre-planning how to get around. Using our company allows passengers to be picked up and dropped off at virtually any point in the city. With four levels of vehicles to choose from, you can decide whether any economy car or a fist class ride is right for you and your party or a van would suit your needs. Once you’ve booked, leave the hassle of travel to us. Get ready to roll down your window and take in the sights.

What makes our pre-booked taxi alternative in Boston a great choice?

There are many frequent travellers in Boston who are simply tired of chasing taxis down and, after all their efforts, risking getting a driver that may not be well-trained or professional. Looking for an alternative to a taxi may not be the easiest thing when you’re on the go, either, because you’re in a hurry. The easiest way to travel in Boston in both comfort and class is to enjoy the alternative to a taxi that a pre-booked service truly represents. Our professional and highly-competent drivers are just as fast and premium as our cars. Unlike your experience with other taxi companies, Sixt mydriver is like having your own personal service, complete with baggage help and professional courtesy, on fixed rates. So unwind in the back of your prestigious black Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz or Jaguar: while you’re relaxing, your driver will move you through traffic and time and get you to your destination without even breaking a sweat. Change of plans? Rest easy as you can now enjoy cancelled reservations with no extra charge up to one hour before the ride time. Because we’ve automated everything online, you’re only charged once your trip is completed and you confirm it was up to your standards. Our efficient and empathetic customer service centre works 24 hours a day to address your concerns or facilitate a change in your plans.


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