Your taxi alternative

Alternative to a regular taxi service

Sixt mydriver is an alternative to a regular taxi service operating in many cities internationally. While our prices compare favourably to those of a normal cab or taxi, our service is booked in advance online or via our iPhone or Android app. You enter your pickup location and time as well as your destination when you book and then choose from our Economy, Business and First class car categories. Whichever car class you choose, you will be driven to your destination by a professional driver in a top-of-the-range car safely and in great style. Use the Sixt mydriver taxi alternative for every transportation need, whether you're heading to a business meeting, heading out in the evening or travelling to or from the airport.

Affordable alternative to a taxi

All payments to us are handled electronically and only go through once your journey has been completed. This is particularly advantageous for travellers as it means you do not need to be carrying the correct change or even the currency. And since you the price you pay is fixed when you book with us, there will be no extra fees should you be unfortunate to get stuck in traffic. Our taxi alternative is a service which focusses greatly on customer service with a great support team always on hand to answer your questions. If you are travelling with children we are able to provide car seats  and, on request, you can also take your pets in the taxi with you. Try out our alternative to a taxi in all of the cities which you can see below. 


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