Book a taxi in Portland on the SIXT app

You can enjoy a ride-hailing service in Portland right on the SIXT app. Our app allows you to order a ride, and a local driver will pick you up within just a few minutes. Whether you need a taxi from Portland International Airport or to quickly get around the city, it couldn't be more convenient to book your ride. As soon as you've hailed your ride, you can track your driver's progress to your location in Portland, so you will know exactly when you'll be picked up. Once you arrive at your destination, your ride will be paid for automatically through the SIXT app.

Book your ride on the SIXT app

Download the SIXT app

Download the latest version of the SIXT app.

Select the 'Ride' tab

The SIXT app incorporates all SIXT services into one app. Tap the ride tab to book our taxi service.

Enter your destination

Simply enter your destination to receive our offers.

Choose 'immediate pickup'

If you want to be picked up straight away. Alternatively you can choose to schedule a ride in advance.

Select booking category & confirm

Choose your booking category from the options available & book your ride.

US ride taxi app

Choose the car to best suit your needs


  • Up to 4 passengers & 3 bags
  • e.g. Lincoln MKT, Toyota Corolla

Lyft XL

  • Up to 6 passengers & 4 bags
  • e.g. Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia


  • Up to 4 passengers & 3 bags
  • Luxury ride
  • e.g. BMW X3, GMC Yukon Denali, Lexus ES

Lux black

  • Up to 4 passengers & 3 bags
  • Premium black car service
  • e.g. BMW 5-series, Lexus LS

Lux black XL

  • Up to 6 passengers & 4 bags
  • Premium black SUV
  • e.g. Cadillac Escalade, BMW X5, Lincoln Navigator

Why book SIXT's taxi service in Portland?

Variety of ride options

With our Portland taxi service you can choose between a range of different car classes. So depending on your specific needs, there'll be an option that's right for you.

Prompt pickup

We have plenty of drivers in Portland so you'll be picked up quickly once you've booked your taxi. Track your driver's progress and see the exact pickup time so you can be ready.

Cashless payment

Don't worry about having cash on you to pay for your taxi. Link your credit card to your SIXT account and your fare will be paid automatically on arrival.

Book a taxi anywhere in Portland

Portland Airport

Use our Portland taxi service for seamless rides to and from Portland Airport. Once you have your bags, book your taxi, and a driver will pick you up in no time.

Downtown Portland

Portland has a variety of things to do at night, whether it’s going to dinner or catching a show at your favorite music venue. A taxi can even take you to your favorite bar or club and get you home safely afterward.

Elsewhere in Oregon

With SIXT it’s possible to get picked up in Portland and dropped off elsewhere in Oregon. Be it in nearby Beaverton or somewhere further afield.

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