Debit & Credit Card Payment Methods in the US

Sixt rent a car offers a large selection of payment methods making it easy to pay the way you prefer for a car rental in the US. You will able to pay for your car rental with all major credit cards including American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. If you book and pay for the car for in advance you will need to make sure that the credit card that you paid with is present when you pick up the vehicle as well as the owner of the card.

What are the accepted payment methods to rent a car?

All major credit cards – American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Airplus.

Debit cards – Debit cards may be accepted at select location’s on SIXT’s discretion if they have  two forms of government-issued identification, available funds, and one of the following criteria are met:

  • The renter presents the return airline ticket/roundtrip flight itinerary upon pick-up and is not a resident of the state of pickup.
  • Out-of-state renters may use a debit card, but may not rent any premium, luxury, or extraordinary vehicles.
  • In-state renters presents two recent, and original, utility bills that match the name and address on the driver’s license used. Photo copies, printouts, and digital images are not permitted, and these bills must be no more than three months old. Also, in-state renters may not rent with a debit card at an airport location and may only rent ECAR, CCAR, or ICAR categories. 

What is NOT accepted as a form of payment?

  • Pre-paid cards
  • Visa Electron cards
  • Electronic use only cards
  • Maestro cards
  • Cheque
  • Cash

The amount that will be authorized includes the rental price as well as all additional charges and extras.

If you have any further questions, please email us at or call our contact center at +1 888 749 8227.

Still in doubt? Check our video tutorial to know more about our accepted payment methods by clicking here.

Debit Card Payment Conditions for your Sixt Rental

Debit cards with available funds may be accepted at select locations at Sixt's sole discretion with two forms of government-issued ID, and only if one of the following conditions are met:

  1. The renter presents a return airline ticket or roundtrip itinerary upon pick-up. OR 
  2. A local renter* can present two recent and original utility bills which match the name and address on the

Drivers License of the renter. Photocopies, printouts, and digital images are not permitted

  1. Local Renters* with a debit card may need additional documentation and can only rent MCAR, ECAR, CCAR, and ICAR.
  2. Non-local renters with a debit card can also rent SCAR, FCAR, CTAR, STAR, IFAR, SFAR, FFAR, MVAR, FVAR and Cargo Vans.

Debit card rentals are not allowed for long term rentals (defined as 28 days or longer).

We do not accept any Prepaid Cards, Visa Electron Cards, Electronic Use Only Cards, Maestro Cards, checks or Cash.

*Local renters are defined as renters who pick up a rental vehicle in the state of their residence as identified by the address on their driver's license.

Important information:

Paying with payment methods above is only valid for the USA locations. If you are planning on renting a car abroad there might be other payment methods to take into account. If you would prefer to use a different type of payment method abroad please call our customer services for more information. Additionally regardless of your payment type, there will be a deposit for your rental. The amount of the deposit depends on the selected rental category by the renter; if you are renting a luxury vehicle the deposit will be greater than if you were renting an economy vehicle. 

Still in doubt? Watch our video tutorial about our accepted payment methods below!

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