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Exotic Car Rental in Oahu

Explore the staggering beauty on the island of Oahu with an exotic rent a car from SIXT. Whether you are on the vacation of a lifetime or looking to drive your dream vehicle for a special occasion, our exotic car rentals offer world-class models at affordable rates. Oahu’s luxury resorts and stunning scenery provide a fitting setting for a premium vehicle, and we have exotic SUVs, sedans, convertibles and sports cars to suit the full range of mobility needs. 

Jaguar F-Type

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Ford Mustang

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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Advantages of renting an exotic car in Oahu

  • Drive your dream vehicle: Oahu provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a top car brand and make the absolute most of your vacation. 
  • Premium quality and comfort: Choose an exotic car rent a car fitted with luxurious interiors and all the latest features such as inbuilt infotainment. 
  • Safety features: Our premium vehicles are some of the safest on the road and come equipped with features such as extra airbags and driver assistance systems.  

Our Exotic Car Brands in Oahu

Our exotic car fleet includes Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW, bringing you the world’s top car models at competitive rates. With an exotic car rental in Oahu, you could be feeling the tropical wind in your hair in a BMW convertible or exploring the island’s breathtaking volcanic scenery in an SUV like the Range Rover Velar. We also have versatile sedans from premium brands such as Jaguar and Mercedes. At SIXT our fleet is made up of new-model vehicles, putting you behind the wheel of the latest exotic car rental in Oahu.

A Premium Car Deserves Premium Service

We offer top-notch service, adapting to the full range of our customers’ needs and bringing you satisfaction at every stage of the car rental process. At SIXT we treat every customer like a VIP, from picking up your vehicle at one of our stylish branches to our 24/7 customer service and simple and efficient online booking system that lets you customize your rental to meet your specific needs. Our exotic car rental deals in Oahu include long term, weekly and one-way rental periods, giving you more flexibility at unbeatable prices. We bring you a stress-free luxury car rental in Oahu with SIXT, so you can enjoy the laidback island vibe of Hawaii.

Oahu Exotic Car Rental Locations

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