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Luxury Car Rental in Bangkok

Glide through the hustle and bustle of Bangkok in a luxury car rental from SIXT rent a car. A blend of traditional Thai culture and modern architectural feats, Bangkok, Thailand is a truly unique city that offers an exhilarating experience to all of its visitors. Whether you’re looking to savor delicious street food on Yaowarat Road or enjoy a drive to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, book a luxury car rental to discover Bangkok in style and comfort. Choose from a selection of sophisticated vehicles, like roomy SUVs, stylish sports cars, or chic convertibles, and relish the experience in your luxury car rent a car. Regardless of why you’re in Bangkok, benefit from world-class customer service and book your exotic car rental with SIXT.  

Jaguar F-Type

Guaranteed model

Toyota Fortuner

or similar

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Guaranteed model

Advantages of a Luxury Car Rental in Bangkok

  • Drive a vehicle from a selection of luxury car brands: SIXT offers a fleet of premium cars manufactured by leading brands to provide an enjoyable and exciting experience while you’re driving your exotic car rental in Bangkok 
  • First-class driving experience: Powerful engines, sleek bodies, and deluxe interiors means feeling like you’re VIP in your rental car. 
  • The latest features: Our vehicles are an average of 3 months old, meaning our luxury cars are designed and integrated with the latest safety and entertainment systems. 

Our Luxury Car Brands

Escape the heat and the city’s chaotic, yet charming, atmosphere in a luxury car rental. Choose from a selection of luxury car brands from SIXT and have the opportunity drive the car of your dreams, all at an affordable price. Cruise down Sukhumvit Road in a Jaguar convertible or meander through Silom in a Mercedes-Benz sedan. Take a spacious Range Rover to the picturesque beach in Pattaya. Whatever you need a vehicle for, check out our luxury car rental deals to do it in style. 

Sixt Bangkok locations

Premium Service for Your Luxury Car and You

Expect excellent assistance from SIXT’s world-renowned customer service, available 24/7. Customize your luxury car rental deal with solutions to make the most of your time in Bangkok. Stay on track with a GPS navigation system, have peace of mind with enhanced protection, or share the wheel with additional drivers. With daily, weekly, long-term, and even one-way offers, make the most of your time in Bangkok with flexible rental periods. Our easy to locate branches are waiting to provide you with quick and convenient service so you can get started on your Bangkok adventure as soon as possible.  

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