When on a prolonged stay in the Twin Cities consider a long term car rental in Minneapolis with SIXT. Enjoy a relaxed time in Minnesota whether taking care of business or taking a vacation with a Minneapolis monthly car rental. With so many great attractions in Minneapolis and so much nature to explore all over this great state give yourself the freedom to experience it all at your own pace.

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Jeep Renegade

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Minneapolis: Benefits of Long Term Car Rental

Sixt makes monthly car rental in Minneapolis cost efficient by offering lower daily rates than with shorter rentals. You won’t have to worry about budget or time restrictions with great deals from Sixt on Minneapolis long term car rental. We recommend booking your extended rental in advance with our Minneapolis team to ensure we can accommodate your desired length of stay with your chosen vehicle. We look forward to handing you over the keys in Minneapolis!

Monthly Car Rental in Minneapolis

When selecting your Minneapolis long term car rental you don’t have to worry about compromising on choice. We have a large variety of vehicles from some of the best manufacturers in the world available for car rental in Minneapolis to match your needs. Choose from premium compact cars and sedans, SUVs, sports cars and convertibles, plus vans and trucks. No matter your plans we have the right Minneapolis long term car rental for you!

Sixt Car Rental Branches

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