Long-Term Car Rental in Houston

If your trip brings you to the city for an extended period, you have the option of a long-term car rental in Houston from SIXT. You’ll find it offers the same convenience of a standard car rental with options like a 1-month rental, a 3-month rental, or a 6-month rental. A monthly car rental in Houston with SIXT is an easy and convenient alternative to a short-term lease. Choose from a broad range of new cars from top brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi for your long-term car rental in Houston. 


Our Popular Long-Term Rental Vehicles


Guaranteed Model | XZAN

Jeep Grand Cherokee

VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe or similar | SFAR

Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XL or similar | GFAR

Mercedes G-Class

Guaranteed Model

Good to know about a long-term rental in Houston

How long can you rent a car for?

SIXT monthly car rentals in Houston are available for up to 120 days consecutively. If your travels bring you to Houston for longer, a SIXT+ car subscription is available. 

What payment methods are accepted for a long-term rental?

We accept all major credit cards when you book a monthly car rental in Houston with ease on the SIXT website or app. 
Learn more about payment methods and deposits here.

How much does it cost to rent a car for 6 months?

This option is less expensive than a short-term lease and good deals are frequently available on the SIXT website. 

Where can I rent a car long-term in Houston?

The Benefits of a Long-Term Rental in Houston

Simple and fast booking process

SIXT does not perform credit checks, which means you will have your reservation completed within minutes. 

Unlimited miles

Enjoy the perk of unlimited miles on your standard vehicle rental and explore Houston and the surrounding area to the fullest.

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Choose your car in advance

You can pick your car model directly through the SIXT app 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

Change your vehicle at any time

SIXT knows that the car that best suits your needs month to month needs might change, which is why you can swap your vehicles whenever you need to. 

Explore Houston with your car rental

SIXT prides itself on affordable luxury. We offer first-class cars at economy prices, no matter which rental car category you choose. You are likely to be most comfortable in Houston in a roomy car like one of our SUVs or large sedans since parking around the city is easy and most driving is done along highways. Bookable extras like GPS and an additional driver will make it easier than ever to travel around the state and explore some of the fantastic state parks nearby.