Long-Term Car Rental in Dubai

When you are looking for a long-term car rental in Dubai you can count on SIXT. Our booking process is easy, and you do not need to go through a credit check. Rather than go through the hassle of a short-term lease, book with SIXT and you can pick up your monthly car rental in Dubai the next day. We offer flexible rental periods as short as a 1-month rental or for up to six months. Whatever your needs are for getting around Dubai, SIXT can help you. 

Our Popular Long-Term Rental Vehicles


Guaranteed Model | XZAN

Jeep Grand Cherokee

VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe or similar | SFAR

Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XL or similar | GFAR

Mercedes G-Class

Guaranteed Model

Long-term rental FAQs

What time period can I make a long-term rental for?

A long-term car rental in Dubai with SIXT can be as little as one month or as long as a 6-month rental. 

What payment methods are accepted for a long-term rental?

SIXT accepts all major credit cards for long-term car rentals in Dubai. Learn more about payment methods and deposits here.

What is a good car type for a long-term rental?

Because SIXT offers such a wide variety of vehicles, many customers choose a car that is similar to what they would drive at home. 

What are the Benefits of a long-term rental in Dubai?

End your rental at a different location

If your long-term rental will take you somewhere else in the country outside Dubai, you can book a one-way rental. 

Add an extra driver

During your 3-month rental you can let somebody else do the driving at no additional charge. 

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Choose your car in advance

There's no need to guess which type of car you will get for your monthly car rental in Dubai when you pick your car in the SIXT app

Change your car type during your rental

If you want to switch to a different model of car during your rental that is no problem at SIXT. 

Explore Dubai with Your Long-term Rental

With so many vehicles to choose from for a long-term rental, SIXT has you covered. If you are on a long business trip and you want to save some money, try one of our economy models. Or if you're taking an extended vacation and you want to feel the wind in your hair while driving, why not try one of our great convertibles? We offer useful add-ons such as GPS to keep you on the right path or child seats to keep the kids safe during your long-term rental in Dubai.