Long-Term Car Rental in Arizona

Choose a long-term car rental in Arizona and have the freedom to explore the whole state and see the best attractions. Save money by booking a monthly car rental in Arizona whether it’s a 1-month rental or even a 3-month rental. Take your SIXT car rental to the Grand Canyon or through Tucson and Phoenix. Experience it all by renting by the month as opposed to a short-term lease. The process of booking online or in the SIXT app is fast and simple; you will be exploring the wonders of Arizona in no time. 

Our Popular Long-Term Rental Vehicles


Guaranteed Model | XZAN

Jeep Grand Cherokee

VW Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe or similar | SFAR

Chevrolet Suburban

GMC Yukon XL or similar | GFAR

Mercedes G-Class

Guaranteed Model

Long-term rental FAQs

How long can you rent a car for?

Normal long-term car rentals are for up to 120 days. After that, you can get a SIXT+ car subscription to have access to our vehicles for longer periods of time. 

What payment methods are accepted for a long-term rental?

You can only pay with a credit card for a long-term car rental in Arizona. Learn more about payment methods and deposits here.

How much does it cost to rent a car for 6 months?

The more time you rent a vehicle, the more money you will save. The daily price for a 6-month rental is cheaper when compared to a short-term rental. 

Where can I rent a car long-term in Arizona?

What are the Benefits of Renting a Car Long-term in Arizona?

Simple booking process

Just like a short-term rental, you can book your long-term rental online or in the SIXT app. It’s fast and simple to reserve a monthly car rental in Arizona. 

Flexible rental periods

Whether you need a rental car for 1 day or longer, you can rent for up to 120 days without worry. 

Choose your car in advance

You can pick the exact vehicle you want from the SIXT app 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. 

Great alternative to leasing

Avoid the hassle of the extra paperwork, expensive deposits and credit checks with a long-term rental at SIXT. 

Explore Arizona with Your Long-term Rental

Long-term car rentals in Arizona are a perfect way to get around during an extended vacation or if you need a car replacement due to an accident or car repairs. Don’t worry about extra paperwork or credit checks and choose from a wide variety of sedans, pickups and SUVs. Our Arizona car rental fleet also has premium vehicles from top brands. Feel free to add extras to make your long-term rental more comfortable, like GPS, child car seats or additional protection.