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Toll payment

How do I pay for tolls?  

Depending on the toll location, there may be cash and coin lanes. However, some roads may have cashless automated tolls only. SIXT offers different toll services to assist with paying for tolls hassle-free in all states. Ask at your pick-up branch about your toll service options. 

What if I have my own transponder?  

We welcome renters to use their own transponders during their rentals. If you opt to use your own transponder in a state in the Northeast, make sure the SIXT transponder box is closed so it is not activated during your trip. In all other states, please make sure to contact your transponder provider to ensure your unit works in the state(s) you are traveling in and that your rental vehicle is registered on your account. 

*Always refer to the terms and conditions of your transponder provider for specific information on how to properly use your transponder during a rental. 

What is a cashless toll?  

A cashless toll does not offer the driver the option to pay in cash. When driving through these locations, the license plate of the vehicle is captured by a camera and as the registered owner of the car, the rental company is billed for the toll. Many toll roads throughout the US are transitioning to a cashless toll system. Ask the relevant toll road authority about alternate payment options that are compatible with a rental vehicle before you travel. In the event a customer is unable to pay for their toll on their own, or if they have not opted for one of SIXT's toll services, the renter will be responsible for the toll (at the highest prevailing cash rate) plus our $5 administrative fee per toll.  

I have already driven through a toll plaza. How do I pay?  

SIXT is interfaced with all United States Tolling Authorities, so once the information is received, the toll will be charged to the credit card associated with the rental. 

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