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Convertible Rental Aspen

Convertible rental in Aspen with SIXT is the most stylish way to see the city. There is no better way to experience the fresh mountain air as you take in the beautiful views. An open-top convertible rental allows you to take in the panoramas of the Rocky Mountains with little in your way. Whether you are heading to the mountains for a look at nature or downtown for some of Aspen’s unique dining and shopping experiences, a convertible rental will be sure to have you putting your best foot forward for your whole trip to Aspen. 

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BMW 8 Series

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Advantages of a Convertible Rental in Aspen

  • Travel in unparalleled style while enjoying a great view right from your convertible. Cruise through Aspen with the top down and enjoy the ride. 
  • SIXT vehicles are an average of 3 months old, which means your convertible car rental will be updated with the latest entertainment and safety features. 
  • Don’t worry if there’s a change in the weather and you need to cover up. Most of our convertible rentals come with the ability to put the top up, even while driving.  

Aspen Convertible Rental

With SIXT, you can customize your car rental experience. Tailor your convertible rental to your exact needs. Maybe your business trip will have you in the city for a week or perhaps you want to add some free time in the mountains. Look at our various daily, weekly and long-term rental options for even more flexibility. We even provide one-way rental options in case you want to extend your trip to one of the many towns or states nearby. From safety to entertainment, SIXT offers features like GPS, extra protection, additional drivers, and more so you can make the most of your convertible car rental. Make your dream of driving a convertible a reality on this trip while also meeting your needs in a car rental. 

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