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London Victoria Station

London Victoria Station

London Victoria Station CAR RENTAL

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Apcoa Eccleston Bridge, SW1W 9SJ London

Phone: +44-2070188246


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08:00 - 19:00


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08:00 - 16:00

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Car rental Victoria London Station

The Sixt branch at Victoria Station is ideally placed car rental location, located next to the City of Westminster right in the heart of London. There you will be able to get a wide range of vehicles to choose from like vans, luxury cars, trucks and more. For people arriving at the station needing a rent a car the branch is situated straight across the road from the station entrance. Sixt Victoria Station provides high quality car rental to the surrounding area of Westminster.

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About Victoria Train Station

Victoria station is set in commercial and residential area in Zone one (the inner city of London). Notably, Victoria station is a very short distance away from several attractions making it easy to get there by rental car like Buckingham Palace, the Queens residence, Westminster Abbey, The houses of Parliament, Leicester Square, and Downing Street, it is very easy to create your own tour of central London using your rent a car! Sixt makes it easy to cruise around London from the Victoria Train Station.

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Driving info around London Train Station

The area around Victoria Station is part of the congestion charge zone in Greater London. The scheme is in place to help reduce the amount of traffic in the center of the city and aims to lower the amount of pollution in London. So if you are renting a car you need to pay for the congestion fee, this is similar to a toll road fee in the US. So make sure if you are planning on having a car rental in London that you get your London Congestion covered. Sixt rent a car is looking forward to serving all of your car rental needs at the London Victoria Train Station.


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