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Stockholm Västerås Airport

Stockholm Västerås Airport CAR RENTAL

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Arrival Hall, 721 31 Västerås


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14:30 - 15:30


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13:30 - 14:30

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Sixt car rental at Västerås Airport

It is a good decision to book a car rental at Västerås airport in Sweden. Sixt car rental services are affordable and convenient for everyone. There is a range of vehicles to choose from and you can opt for one that is suitable for your sightseeing agenda. Sixt car rental services will help make your journey to Sweden a memorable experience.

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About Stockholm Västerås Airport

The Stockholm Västerås Airport is situated 5 km from Västerås. The airport is also located close to the Halla shopping complex and has many restaurants inside as well as free wifi internet access. You should rent a car at the airport to make traveling around the city much easier.

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Things to do in Västerås when you rent a car

The Turbine House in Västerås is a great educational site for visitors coming by car. It played a crucial role in producing water and electricity for the city and is now a museum that is open to visitors. Use your rented car and make your way here for an inspiring tour. Engsö Castle in Västerås is supposedly haunted by ghosts. You will need to rent a car and make a booking in advance to attend the tour of the castle. Rent a car and make sure that you stop at the cafe on the premises for organic food and a great cup of coffee. Anundshög in Västerås is an ancient Viking burial ground, now open for tours. Many objects from that era are on display here. Do a simple price comparison and decide on a cheap car or a city car to make your way to this intriguing place. Now that you have so many destinations to visit - a car is essential to your traveling experience in Västerås.