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Jönköping Airport

Jönköping Airport CAR RENTAL

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Jönköping Flygplats, 555 93 Jönköping


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24-hour return
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07:00 - 16:00

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Sixt Car Rental in Jönköping, Sweden

When a traveler flies into Jönköping, they look for quick and easy car rental services. And Sixt Car Rental offers meet and greet services to visitors, where a company representative meets visitors after they do their vehicle booking with the company. Sixt believes in making it easy for travelers to rent a car, so that they can reach the city of Jönköping and the surrounding areas easily, comfortably and conveniently. Travelers can do a price comparison of various vehicle rental companies in the city and they will find the company offers offers cheap car rentals.

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Jönköping Airport in Sweden

Jönköping Airport (JKG), also known as Axamo, is about 5 miles from the city of Jönköping. The airport was established in 1961, but is considered too small to be called a national airport. However, it offers decent amenities to travelers, including a restaurant, wireless internet connectivity, rent a car facilities, and duty-free shopping. When it comes to car rental and Jönköping airport (JKG), the airport does not have car rental company offices because of its small size, but travelers can rent a car easily by getting in touch with Sixt, using their online booking facility to book a city car.

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Using Car Rental to Visit Attractions in Jönköping

Jönköping is located in the middle of southern Sweden and is used as a base to commute to the three Scandinavian capitals - Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. It is located towards the southern end of Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty along the shores of the lake. Vättern is a wonderful place for fishing. Using this popular car rental, visitors can drive to Gränna, which is located towards the east of the lake, to enjoy the taste of traditional peppermint. One can even see how this candy is made here. The city is home to the world's only match museum, which is located in a building which was home to the first match factory of the city. Visitors can rent a car to drive to High Chaparral, where they can enjoy a Wild West theme park located adjacent to the Store Mosse National Park. The Park is open to visitors from May to September and offers many activities. With a conveniently located city car rental company like Sixt it is easy to commute through all the cities in the region.