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Bergen Car Rental

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  • Bergen Flesland Airport

    Sixt rent a car
    Postboks 87 Flesland
    5869 Bergen

    Mo. - Su.07:00 - 24:00
    Bank Holiday07:00 - 24:00

    24 h return

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans, 4x4 / SUV, Truck

  • Bergen

    Sixt rent a car
    Minde Alle 35/Frydenbø (Volvo)
    5068 Bergen

    Mo. - Fr.08:00 - 16:00

    24 h return

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans, 4x4 / SUV, Truck

  • Nyborg/Asane

    Sixt rent a car
    Nordre Bruras 4
    5131 Nyborg

    Mo. - Fr.07:30 - 16:00

    24 h return

    Available vehicle categories: Compact Cars & Sedans, 4x4 / SUV, Truck

Car rental in Bergen with Sixt

Probably one of the best ways to explore Bergen, Norway, and its surrounding areas is to rent a car from Sixt. Sixt make car rental as easy as possible while staying in Norway and offer a huge range of vehicles to suit every type of traveller, whether you're travelling to Bergen as a couple, a small group, or even a larger group, your car rental needs are bound to be met. There's plenty to choose from in Sixt's comprehensive range, whether you're just looking to get around Bergen in a sports car or want to try some more challenging terrain in a luxury SUV. Sixt cars generally come with unlimited mileage too, and sharing the driving out between your party couldn't be easier. Adding additional drivers to your policy is a straightforward process. If booking in advance online, then you could benefit from the convenience of picking your car up straight from Bergen Airport.

What to See in Bergen with Rent a Car

Bergen is a great place to commence your Nordic adventure. Bergen itself is a picturesque and clean city with its famous Bryggen Wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site composed of charming wooden houses painted in various yet subtle colours that look down serenely over the waters. The city of Bergen is also well known for its waterside fish market and mountains which surround the city. Bergen, whose name means 'the meadow among the mountain', is ideally situated to explore the stunning western fjords of this magnificent country. Hardangerfjord and the Flamsdal Valley are close by. No wonder Bergern is famously known as the Gateway to the Fjords! Car rental in Bergen couldn't be easier with Sixt. Renting a car is the perfect solution for those wanting to explore this beautiful country at their own pace.